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More info at Top tips for waterstarts from Progression: 1. Kite at 12 – Get feet in Straps 2. Kite slightly behind to start – 11 …
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  • RomanAtwo 3 years ago

    I think this lesson is one of the most tedious one in kite-surfing for a
    lot of people. I haven’t been stuck at this one for too long, mainly
    because I had previous board experience.

    What I advise to anyone stuck at water start for a long time. This sport
    just like many other sports involves a lot of adrenaline, especially if you
    are not used at the jerky sudden motion of a kite pulling you out of the
    water. My suggestion is keep an open mind-set and let the kite pull you
    out. Don’t panic just welcome the force and use it.

    The only reason you will get better with practice is because you will:

    1) Get rid of the adrenaline rush (Your brain is trained to get used to it
    after a while)
    2) Develop muscle memory.

    So sleep well, eat well and keep practicing!

    Very good video. 

  • Ticão BFH 3 years ago

    Nice !

  • Juanjo Marco 3 years ago

    Que pasada !,,,,