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Wakeboard : Brian Grubb and Dominic Preisner wrinkled the beautiful rice fields of Banaue in the Philippines… “From the moment I saw this spot drawn on the…
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  • Anisa Ben-Saud 3 years ago

    gotta try this one day…

  • animationchambers 3 years ago

    Don’t fall or you will be up to your neck in s**t.

  • Charisma N 3 years ago

    Awesome :)

  • Torrque 3 years ago

    This is certainly a dramatic visual and an examplary display of skill
    mastery… yet, there is also a unfortunate pervasive feeling of distaste
    about it in this setting. Hmmmm…

  • MaghoxFr 3 years ago

    Americans taking their leisure activities to the workplace of those who
    actually work. So nice.

  • Cesar Borres 3 years ago

    Awesome! You guys rock!

  • Skeyke Ho 3 years ago

    Vietnam has one like this as well :)

  • Jess dela Peña 3 years ago

    yeah vietnam has one like that but Philippines is more beautiful than you
    have their.. Banaue Rice Terraces is the 8 wonder of the world..

  • Biyani El Mehdi 3 years ago


  • Thibault Beyssen 3 years ago

    Magnifique cette vidéo, mais quelqu’un connaît le nom de la musique
    utilisée ?

  • John Lin 3 years ago

    #菲律賓 的 #巴拿威 #水稻梯田(Banaue rice terraces, Philippines)


    #旅遊 #景點 #極限運動 #達人無所不在系列 #世界如此精采系列

    Wakeboard – Brian Grubb Wake In A Rice Field..!

  • Biyani El Mehdi 3 years ago