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Willis Brothers Pop Up. Learn Beginner Surfing Tips with Willis Brothers Online Surfing Lessons.

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  • Kristi Krause 4 years ago

    hes so happy he made my day

  • Dana Franchitto 4 years ago

    I was always popping up too quickly to full height only to plunge into the
    drink. This had made a difference. Thank you so much for this.

  • roddy alvarez Zarate 4 years ago


  • Andrea Chen 4 years ago


  • Kelly M 4 years ago

    Thanks Dude. Good steps.

  • oskarsurf 4 years ago

    @Marshmillo Hi guy! FIRST: Store that board and get a funfoard, a longboard
    or a minimal. SECOND: For starters (like you) the best technique is that
    explained by derekwl1986 in “how to pop-up on a shortboard”, check it!!
    THIRD: Master the method, first in the floor, then in the water. Remember
    that at first you will spend a lot of time in the water, but you will be
    only able to maker a few attemps to pop ou… or not?

  • Mark YremogtnoM 4 years ago

    better than the other stoner surfing video I just saw.

  • cntyboy1 4 years ago

    your the best

  • moailine 4 years ago


  • Matt Buchanan 4 years ago

    i have a problem when im surfing with a short board when i get up it is
    waayyyy harder than a longboard and i cant get my feet set. my feet are
    never on the trac pad and they are very missplaced. any tips too help me
    with that? should i surf with a bigger board intell im really comfortable
    with gettting up?

  • Elan Blutinger 4 years ago

    I have been surfing for 12 years and this is far and away the best method
    for getting up efficiently. All this stuff about getting up fast in one
    fast motion is BS. The key is doing this efficiently and stabilizing before
    you get up. Thats a smart way to think of it. Otherwise you may get up but
    you will be behind the wave if you cant get stabile.

  • Lawrence Winter 4 years ago

    awesome! I just spent a week bailing out because I couldn’t get my front
    leg through, but since you said hands not on the rails, Its better. cheers!

  • oskarsurf 4 years ago

    @JuJuHound this method doesnt explain specifically hoy to pop up. I
    recommend you to check derekwl1986 “how to pop-up on a shortboard”

  • MLSfancenter 4 years ago

    “paddle,pop up,stabilize,rise.” damn i thought i was watching dora for a

  • Th3SundanceKid 4 years ago

    @lifeinpiano true!

  • Jeffrey Stevens 4 years ago

    If Jesus had a brother..hahaha.

  • TheGoldpony 4 years ago

    wow he is the real surfer!

  • jorickTuralyon 4 years ago

    should work, if you have time enuff, otherwise you need to do it way faster
    which will cause you to make mistakes, but it is a good way to do it!

  • JuJuHound 4 years ago

    are you your toes as you pop up or is your weight shifting straight from
    the knees to hands to feet. In other words, is this a longboard-specific
    pop up or does this method work on shortboards?

  • thejesusgeneration 4 years ago

    Question: I can pop up no problem on a longboard but on my 7’0″ funboard,
    I’ve found it’s harder because I can’t put my toes on the end of the board
    to help me pop up cause they’re further back. Any tips??

  • DnaAngel33 4 years ago

    Is “The Pop Up” similar to the “Pull Out”?

  • SurfariMex 4 years ago

    finally! a surf instruction vid that doesn’t suck. so important to tell
    people to plant their front foot under their chest

  • Dave Davison 4 years ago

    does it matter what kind of sand we draw a line in?

  • Thel Vadam 4 years ago

    same here xD

  • dburton210521 4 years ago

    this guy reminds me of the show Rocket power! prob HATES SHOEBIES! lol
    surfer for life!