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Surf Coach Brent gives us some tips on how to do a pop up on a surfboard.
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  • Russ Charlton 3 years ago

    Im not sure if you realize it or not but the initial stance on the board
    before popping up is exactly the same as the “sphinx” pose in yoga, cool

  • bobice555 3 years ago

    check that right arm, up and pointing forward. whatta kook. and the chicken
    wing technique? hahaha… hilarious.

  • MisterDel 3 years ago

    Bit of a “mind blown” moment here about grabbing the rails… That is just
    so intuitive but the way you explain it makes it seem less so. Even if
    you’re pretty set on a technique it’s always handy to add more moves to
    your skillset. So what’s the difference between and shaka?

  • Henna Lopez 3 years ago

    it looks so hard

  • Jonathan Woolf 3 years ago

    thanks going to share with my kids,

  • Barrrrrt 3 years ago

    Thanks guys. I’m not a surfer yet but it’s a big one on my bucket list.
    This gives me something to practice, on the floor, at home :-)

  • Tiffany Scholey 3 years ago

    Thanks, I never actually knew the correct technique, I’ve been grabbing the
    rails and it has never felt right! Can’t wait to try it.

  • dave s 3 years ago

    Great vid I’m 6’0 and 260lbs I’m not completely out of shape I can bench a
    Buick but for a big guy like me pulling my feet under me is taxing..
    Chicken wing method has doubled my time in the water and I’m getting up
    quick. Thanks bra and I wish u wouldn’t let these moe’s that think they
    know it all even get a response from you… People always think they know
    better pffff

  • stusurf11 3 years ago

    i found that holding the rails increased the overall stability of the pop
    up whitewater or dropping in produced minimal drag and max stability. the
    pop up happens in less than half a second. grabbing the rails is like the
    first thing you may pig dog from there cause ur hands dont have to move.
    your feet will adjust to the wave – speed – and board. happy surfing and
    nice vid what he says is correct. grabbing the rail is the next phase.

  • shuakhwe 3 years ago

    what he means is “check 3:15-3:25, in fact stop it at 3.18 mid-popup where
    you’ve done a knee pushup: if your board is too short for your feet to be
    on it, you will obviously just be using your hands and knees for this
    popup. Is it ok to not use my feet when I’m on a big board too so I don’t
    need to have 2 different popups?” The answer : ” yes, if you can popup like
    that on a short board, it’s going to be easy for you to do it on a
    longboard. These popups are for beginners and longboarders”

  • Surf Coaches 3 years ago

    Hi Laraine! Yes we do offer private coaching in two ways. First, in person
    in Costa Rica at Shaka Surf Camp, and second, our Surf Coaches website will
    very soon be offering a membership section of the site to allow us to be
    able to personally address your surfing questions via video analysis.,
    Links to both sites are in the video description, YouTube doesn’t allow
    posting them here. Hope to hear from you!

  • Kempter11 3 years ago

    My friend is a semi pro, and i noticed he pops up just like your chicken
    wing version

  • james palomino 3 years ago

    Excuse me mr. Surf coaches dude. My brother taught me a way of popping up
    where your feet are together and off the tail of the board, and you pop up
    using your knees and hands instead of your feet. Would this work for just
    short boarding or is it a good pop up for any sized board

  • Chris Connelly 3 years ago

    do it again and fix the poo stance. everything else was good i think. nice
    fluidity. nice way to describe it. all and all, not bad. just watch those
    groms and get your back foot right.

  • Coombs Dulce 3 years ago

    Great vid full of value!

  • Surf Coaches 3 years ago

    Practice more on land! And slow down your pop up a bit in the water.
    Concentrate on doing it correctly and not quickly!

  • M Bailey 3 years ago

    Complete newbie having real problems trying to haul my body up from prone.
    Love the look of the second type of pop-up – going to try that today!
    Thanks for the vid.

  • Han Stifler 3 years ago

    thank you! very helpfull :)

  • Castellon John 3 years ago

    What can i do if i keep ending up on me knees. any tips to break my knee

  • Evan McIntosh 3 years ago

    excellent video!

  • Leach Juarez 3 years ago

    My little girl just started learning to surf, this really helped.

  • heinzo0312 3 years ago

    2 of your students don’t do what you taught : they hold the rail while
    popping up….

  • Madame Qui 3 years ago

    Merci :)

  • Surf Coaches 3 years ago

    Thanks Danielle…I can’t wait to see your video explaining the pop up…or
    anything surfing related. Please, I insist you show us how good you are!

  • Surf Coaches 3 years ago