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Get Your Free 5 Day Improve Your Surfing Course – Surf Coach Brent uses simulation training with a skateboard to show us how to perfect one of the most underdeveloped…
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  • Madison Young 2 years ago

    Awesome video! :) I am very experienced with riding a RipStik, but a lot of
    people say that it isn’t as accurate as a Carver Skateboard when it comes
    to simulating surfing. I know that it’s because of the rotating axis
    between the two plates, but honestly, I never use the axis that much; I
    usually just drift around corners and stuff by leaning back on it, or
    forward, like on a actual surfboard. Have you ever ridden a RipStik, and if
    so, do you think these are alright for surf training? Or do they develop
    bad habits?

  • Girl Gun 2 years ago
  • Bond JamesBond 2 years ago

    Nice. Check out the ‘Carver Skateboards’ ‘C7 truck’ it was designed to
    simulate surfing on a skateboard. Taylor Knox and Josh Kerr got skateboard
    models made by Carver.

  • Pranav Nasta 2 years ago

    Which skateboard is that ?

  • EMIL1020 2 years ago

    good advice bro.!! awesome video!

  • n8ballable 2 years ago

    Hows the reentry vid coming along Brent?