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CLICK CC for English! Barrels, big hacks, and solid left-handers made for an awesome surf contest at Mundaka for the Spanish edition of Red Bull Rivals. _ Ex…

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  • Carlos Arrieta 2 years ago

    One of the best left wave in Europe: MUNDAKA
    From Basque Country!!
    +Jon Pinter . Have a look!!

  • Thompson BMX 2 years ago

    That place doesnt even seem real, more like a dream…

  • thebarrochannel 2 years ago

    1:00 bestia! que ola! right there, i would go surfing there

  • F.M. Alonso 2 years ago

    Llorente eres tu chaval??? 

  • kieran oldham 2 years ago

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  • antonio lopez 2 years ago

    Por fin un video en Español!!

  • elvira denisya 2 years ago

    Mundaka!! The place of dreams!!

  • cNk Kyllou 2 years ago

    Basque country rpz

  • James Weigant 2 years ago

    But great footage and story. I no speak Mundaka. Following that wave was
    cool. I’d even grow my hair back to feel it wet. Red Bull is the Skinny

  • Sasha Clark 2 years ago

    Surfing Showdown in Mundaka – Red Bull Rivals Spain 2014

  • Mattin Zeberio 2 years ago

    Gora Euskal Herria!!!

  • tgvicefly 2 years ago

    yep… i understood nothing :D

  • Oliver Ryall 2 years ago

    Nothing like Spanish waters

  • fishingsurfing 2 years ago

    “La ola muy buena” is all I understood

  • Oliver Ryall 2 years ago

    Apart from Hawaiian waters lol

  • James Weigant 2 years ago

    Damn good. I never surf

  • Igor Boldarev 2 years ago

    Серфинг в Испании

  • Gonzalo Grande 2 years ago


  • TAOD FeRoxX 2 years ago

    Canarias manda!! Canary islands rules!!

  • Muzz's Stuff 2 years ago


  • Song YeWen 2 years ago


  • To je ten Marty 2 years ago

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