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more at Shows surfing at Hermosa Beach, California, in 1947, in color. Also shows the construction of a surfboard. Silent. The …
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  • Daniel Young 3 years ago

    Surfing: “Riders of the California Surf” 1947 Hermosa Pix

  • Denise Hopkins 3 years ago

    Yes the shaper is my Father Ed Edgar…..he is also one of the body surfers
    on the small boards….Eagle tattoo on arm. He was in the Navy……hence

  • Timothy G 3 years ago

    Thanks for posting this, it is excellent.

  • Rory Wicks 3 years ago

    Is that Dale Velzy shaping the plank? Who else was making boards in the
    South Bay in 19547 (with tatoos on their arms)?

  • James Schuetze 3 years ago
  • Jeff Quitney 3 years ago

    Surfing: “Riders of the California Surf” 1947 Hermosa Pix: #youtube #video #surfing

  • David Fielding 3 years ago

    Vintage Classic

  • Peter Bowman 3 years ago

    Grew up there in 50′s, only a few houses and lots of sand dunes. Very few
    surfers. Kerwins, Tom Rawlings, other watermen. My first board (1962) was
    fiberglass and solid pigment but weighed a ton. My neighbors (Mettlers) had
    pictures of themselves surfing Hawaii, Wiamea. I thought those photos were
    fake! All the local kids wanted to stand up on something, anything, and
    ride the waves!

  • Caustik Ov 3 years ago

    thank you for sharing!!!! awesome document….

  • James Cole 3 years ago


  • Rick Harris 3 years ago

    Great piece of work. Thanks for tweaking it to make it presentable. Also
    noticed about the earliest beach volleyball I have ever seen. I surfed
    Hermosa in the 1960s.

  • Will Lucas 3 years ago

    Thanks for posting this incredible surfing documentary..

  • Jane Schmauss 3 years ago

    I believe that the man shaping the board is Ed Edgar, a fantastic craftsman
    and one of the surfing Edgar brothers from Hermosa in the ’40s. I may have
    seen a Kerwin or two in the surf scenes…Does anyone know who shot the

  • hebneh 3 years ago

    Notice no power tools were used in the creation of the board – just human
    arms. Not the most extreme waves here, but riding big surf was still years
    in the future at this point.

  • Surfwriter2 3 years ago

    Let me add my thanks too. Great seeing how much fun the beach and surfing
    were back then. Also great to see what went into shaping a board. Hard to
    believe the changes in surfboards and surfing just ten years later when I
    started in the late-50s.

  • Eduards Jašs 3 years ago