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Watch the behind the scenes in the link: Super thanks to Provo Beach Resort in Utah for making this happen! Check them out down b…

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  • Red Bull 3 years ago

    Whoa…this is insane.

  • Devin Graham 3 years ago

    Surfing indoors! Here’s our latest in 4K!

  • Mroldthoughts 3 years ago

    I am now so old that I enjoy seeing people that are young having fun and
    living threw them vicariously! Thanks.

  • Mark Coronno 3 years ago

    thats the only not fake thing you made i am not hater but tbh it is fake

  • Charlie Pryor 3 years ago

    Would be awesome to watch in 4K on this wonderful monitor I got here… if
    Comcast would let me.

  • TrueMOBSTER 3 years ago

    I have one of those in my house 

  • joe major 3 years ago

    Dude!!! I live less than 1/2 hour from this place!!!!!

  • Richard Masoner 3 years ago

    I enjoy your videos but how come we only see white people? How about a
    little more America and a little less Hitler Youth in your future videos?

  • 2Bikerss 3 years ago

    I knew it was Devin video on 9gag because of the song and some one doing
    something “really cool” at the beginning. Its always the same, but the
    video is great

  • fire4bull 3 years ago

    trying to be swag… LOL, like you’re making something great.. 

  • Кирилл Градин 3 years ago

    Hi, Devin! I am your subscriber from Russian! I love your creativity! I
    want to see more of the same epic video! I wish you success! Bye!

  • MrSirBossmanChief 3 years ago

    Devin, how do you continue to find such incredible talent for your videos?

  • bokeflo 3 years ago

    That looks like an awesome time. I gotta try surfing one of those indoor
    waves sometime.

  • JoeAllstars 3 years ago

    Do you do any work outside of youtube? like professional work that pays the
    big bucks?

  • Doctors2Advocate 3 years ago

    Pretty lacking in females for a Supertramp vid.

  • Abdur-rahman Moustapha 3 years ago

    what did you use to protect the camera/lens from water splashes !? do I
    have to watch the behind the scenes video to know :P ?

  • Thelolmobile11 3 years ago

    A good video like always but I really wish you’d do more videos alone with
    friends and no sponsor like the swing video a couple weeks back. I feel
    like they stand out the most

  • Poh Rui Xin 3 years ago


  • VideoFletcher - Youtube Channel. 3 years ago

    People be like “WOW this 4K looks great on my 720p monitor”…..

  • Zachary Richardson 3 years ago

    +Doctors2Advocate don’t wanna get their hair wet

  • My Name. IS NOT. RIIIIIICK! 3 years ago

    This is a bit irrelevant to the video, but how similar are skateboarding
    and surfing? I mean, besides the difference in where they ride and how they
    move, I’d like to know their similarities.

  • QuantumDesignsHD 3 years ago

    Fucking hell, use some different music already. This gets boring as fuck. 

  • Rapsodia Eco Tours 3 years ago

    En Rapsodia Eco Tours amamos la aventura!!@rapsodiabarinas en Twitter

  • Bridger Flory 3 years ago

    This is sick

  • Game69Mode 3 years ago

    Pointless flashy moves that they think they do something important in their