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Just another day filming from the pier before Cyclone Pam rolls through. Order My Custom Prints Here! | Check out my new shop ! | http://mikelucasapparel.sp…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • Kimu Fitisemanu 2 years ago

    1:50 lol

  • NorthOCkook 2 years ago

    1:50 was awesome. That doucher dropped in on that guy then was like “imma
    push you” and the other guy was like “oh yeah? I’ll fling my board at your
    stupid knees!” Hahaha classic

  • MagicHat 2 years ago

    Hey Great channel bruh! If you ever see a big samoan guy on a longboard at
    the peir thats my pops please get him on film I know he would bugg out!!!
    Much Aloha!!!

  • Gustavo Davila PR 2 years ago

    what lens do you use ?

  • KikasCompleto 2 years ago

    Where is this spot ?

  • Gustavo Davila PR 2 years ago

    really good editing!