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Fantasy Surf SR 535 and Hwy 192: 5151 Kyngs Heath Road Kissimmee, FL 34746 (407)3…





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  • raissa carolyne 3 years ago

    Kkk falando aqui do brasil ri muito pelos tombos

  • quadman173 3 years ago

    I learned to surf here and the staff is awesome the guy with multicolored
    board shorts is awesome instuctor

  • sandag 3 years ago

    Real surfing shits all over this circus ride charade!

  • TheMachomaniac 3 years ago

    i hate it when i fall n the board slams into your face

  • kurdenkawan hardi 3 years ago

    hahahah look at the guy at 1:05 hahahahaha

  • Justus Myers 3 years ago

    this in wwwwwaaaaaayyyyyyy easier than surfing

  • Theidontknowdoyou 3 years ago

    i saw this on tims channel first and even better and funnier a second time!

  • James Casasola 3 years ago

    If I were to put this… “HAHAHAHAHAHA…. Wipeout….” :)

  • MuRkN KaRmA 3 years ago

    how much does that cost and how long does it take to ride that good?

  • MRbrechtjeee 3 years ago


  • SWOTBWOT 3 years ago

    I suppose this gives you more practice, but an artificial wave is kind of
    cheating. You’re supposed to dodge the sharks and get dunked every now and
    then. But it seems you have more opportunity for pratfalls this way, so it
    looks like it pays you back.

  • SidTheKidFan101 3 years ago

    How do you find all these cool things to do!?! its awesome!

  • Jon Watson 3 years ago

    @L3gendary101 a real wave I’ve actually never done but I hear this is very
    similar to snow boarding. Don’t know if that helps

  • Darkrocker007 3 years ago

    @JWatson2239 how fast does the water go and when you fall does it sting
    your eyes and nose?

  • themadducks 3 years ago

    where? i can skate abd artifical surf… so i wanna know where

  • hippotater23 3 years ago

    i use to think most water in the world was used for bathrooms and washing
    machines. I now know the truth.

  • akpeters78 3 years ago

    Thats Awesome! Looks like it’s inside a mall or something. Super cool.

  • littleboy205 3 years ago

    how surfs in the here

  • Jon Watson 3 years ago

    @Theidontknowdoyou I figured everyone just wants to see us fall so I made
    sure to put quite a bit of that in there too, lol

  • McAlisterMania 3 years ago

    That looks like killer fun!!

  • TheYunkFood 3 years ago

    @JWatson2239 at home we have a surfing thing but it is weary hard hven you

  • Apple99er 3 years ago

    Das gibts in dubai um wild waldi schwinnbad. Hab ich auch mal gemacht das
    macht riesen spaß

  • Martin Roblet-Maindron 3 years ago

    Wow i need to get myself one of those.

  • Jon Watson 3 years ago

    @butterflybutchers actually on the one on the cruise ship, I accidently
    flipped over the back wall. It was pretty funny

  • Mati Wolf 3 years ago

    thats not surfing !