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EPIC SUPERHERO KISS – - – Yesterday Vlog (SAY THOSE THINGS NOW) Go subscribe to my bro yo!…
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  • GuinnessMyOh 4 years ago

    Rocktard was so little! Can’t believe how much he’s grown! 

  • jackson morales 4 years ago

    I wan na shoot gooey cum on that baby

  • Sam Crip 4 years ago

    dang shay LMAO!! u cracc me up so much it hurts and your not even trying-
    laughed so hard when you cut yourself off and said “everytime i start
    singin..”- love to you and your fam bro!

  • imashvlog 4 years ago

    BYU where the girls are girls and the boys are too. Haha Just kidding I
    like BYU.

  • Jorja .Jorja 4 years ago

    Like if your watching this in 2013!!

  • James Thomas 4 years ago

    crap i want to surf so bad but i am 5 hours away from the beach

  • Alyssa sandin 4 years ago

    It would have bin better if was Logan’s butt :-) ❤❤

  • 200910db 4 years ago

    i didnt realize from your name! XD jk lol

  • chris dadinwv 4 years ago

    Sontardcaught that

  • Kali Blick 4 years ago

    This intros awesome! :)

  • towerclmber 4 years ago

    we always called them sand fleas or sand crabs

  • XMusicAndStyle 4 years ago

    That thing that sontard caught IS a sand Crab if you check shallow and see
    zig zaggy lines those are where the baby’s are and the linea are there feet

  • CkPlaysGames 4 years ago


  • CupEcake27 4 years ago

    I want your voice Mommytard!!!!! it’s sooo pretty!!!!!!!

  • supaloulou 4 years ago

    and Al Gore

  • kriistaaa3 4 years ago

    thats a sandcrab

  • iduhvietasian 4 years ago


  • KoolSource 4 years ago

    i have not watched for 2 weeks due to being away and i have never missed an
    episode, however, im sat here and this is my first catchup episode, and OMG
    shay has lost so much weight, i only noticed because i have been away for 2

  • iBeckuh 4 years ago

    shay, it would help a TON if when you stand up on the longboard to separate
    your feet more, like riding a skateboard almost. it gives you more
    stability. great job though!

  • Jack Martin 4 years ago

    Hahaha, Brett! ;D

  • ThisIsBrenn 4 years ago

    11:12 Me and my cousins call those crab things sand fleas. They’re fun to
    catch :)

  • Ag Couture 4 years ago

    Lol!!! Mommytard: There is my beach babe!

  • Bethie Helliwell 4 years ago

    It’s 9pm, dark and rainy here in the UK and my train is delayed :( you guys
    are keeping me cheerful. Thankyou xx

  • Aditi Tyagi 4 years ago

    Sontard, Princesstard, Babytard, and Rocktard have the BEST PARENTS EVER:)
    Shay and Katilete have the BEST KIDS EVER!

  • jfox1617 4 years ago

    If i had a milkshake and you had a milk shake and my straw went
    aaaaaaaalllll the way into your milk shake…