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Today is all about us enjoying the surfing competition at the beach, whilst not letting the effect of hurricane Bertha limit us! Follow us on Twitter: @wande…
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  • TheBritishLife 3 years ago

    Check out and their YouTube channel – they have lots of
    reviews on cameras lenses and general camera equipment if you can’t choose
    or want to see the equipment in use. Their video are good fun to watch too.

  • Annie Oro 3 years ago

    Film that rainbow haha! Great vlog again guys! That’s exciting for a new
    camera! That wind did look pretty fierce, the best thing about leaving the
    beach…minus the sand that gets everywhere, is that your skin is all
    exfoliated the next day! But the mess…I’d rather buy exfoliating gel for
    showers haha!

  • Mari Oliveros 3 years ago

    Nice view while driving. Good video.

  • dan Hamakua 3 years ago

    It’s really cool to see that surfing is getting popular in the UK. It
    looked like there are some good surfers over there. If you guys ever make
    it to the the Big Island of Hawaii ill take you surfing at Isacc Hale Beach
    near my house but leave your wet suits at home you wont need them, our
    water is a little warmer than yours. lol

  • Wanderingdaz 3 years ago