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Me and my buddy off of cocoa beach on a choppy day learning to surf, had a great time look for more videos in the future. Video taken with a HD GO PRO HERO. …
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  • frankrizzooo 2 years ago

    Holy crap it’s a 20 ft longboard lol. Still surf?

  • grantthecool1 2 years ago

    haha i can relate to this today i started surfing after about 5 falls i got
    up :)

  • bgcheese 2 years ago

    This video made me smile!! You were having fun and that’s all that matters.

  • Mrbiggerthanlife 2 years ago

    So I’m not the only one who collects seaweed and kelp on the nose of my

  • Kevin Geraldez 2 years ago

    hahaha nice.. you’ll get it bro! We all start somewhere… looks like you
    had fun thats what counts!

  • baboonlurker 2 years ago

    best song ever amber 311!!!