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A brief description of some of the most common types of surfboards.
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  • christopher5sd 3 years ago

    can you do a detailed video on tails

  • Jackson Shanks 3 years ago

    hey guys,
    currently riding a 7’6 mal. but getting really bored. looking at getting a
    fish, but not sure what size. im 75=80kg 185cm. any recommendations would
    be dope, cheers

  • KauaiBiggieAllDay 3 years ago

    Aloha Surf Coaches… I’m just beginning to learn how to surf but I think
    my board that I have right now is not right for me(at the moment) I
    currently have a board that is 6’6 19 1/2 wide 2 1/4 thick. I’m 5’5 and
    weigh about 260lbs. Do you have any suggestions on a easier size and shape
    I could get just to learn on forthe time being or until I get good enough
    to use my current board which was a gift. I love in hawaii if that helps. 

  • Deri Edwards 3 years ago

    Im six foot four and im looking into getting a fish im quite good at
    surfing, what size board should I look into? and is this a good choice?

  • rico gittens 3 years ago


  • Surf Coaches 3 years ago

    Deri, Fishes are great boards and are really fun in 2 or 4 fin set ups!
    Typically they are ridden shorter and wider than a standard shortboard for
    your size. I would look in the 5’10 to 6′ length range. If you were to get
    something shorter like the 5’10 you would want it to be wider and probly
    thicker than something in the 6′ range. Average widths for those size
    boards would probly be 20″ or more, and thickness 2 1/2″ or more. Hope this