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Surfboard Review (NSP)

Review on the NSP Surfboard.
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  • drummer6374 2 years ago

    in short… get a shortboard a real brand if u want one cheap go for 7S
    there great!

  • drummer6374 2 years ago

    thats a great beginner board but since u have been surfing for 5 years i
    think its past the time for a new board if i were you id go for a
    shortboard id recommend 7S for a great high proformance board at a great
    price NSP’s are good, but its time for a step up and dont hesitate, i came
    from a 7’8 longboard to a 6’6 shortboard, it took some time but i got it
    pretty quick. after a few weeks of havin it im still practicn my turns and
    tricks and pumping for speed. but it will be worth it.