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A demo video that shows the quickest way to get to your feet when surfing ‘the pop up’ all part of the online surf school.
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  • Sally Jiko Panda 3 years ago

    thank you thank you so much !!

  • Will Lange 3 years ago

    great video but can u post a shortboard video in the pop up plz??

  • JJ Dy 3 years ago

    this is an awesome clip … this will help me a lot! keep it rad!

  • Bruce Willis 3 years ago

    1:48 made something pop up. 0_o

  • Nickiminjagirl1 3 years ago

    They spell practicing wrong

  • SamiJai96 3 years ago

    These vids are sickk! Ive been looking for a good pop up vid and havent
    been able to find any until now! Thanks man :}

  • legomyfego 3 years ago

    @Nickiminjagirl1 no they just spelled it the british way

  • nothing can substitute water time. the only way to master the pop up is
    surf surf surf surf surf as much as you can! see you in the lineup.

  • Kelly Taylor 3 years ago

    yup, 1:44-1:53 the only part I’ll ever watch again but thanks!

  • Keith Dee 3 years ago

    I came for boobies, but learned how to surf!

  • marleySux 3 years ago

    be sure to practice your pop ups for 15 years before attempting to surf in
    the ocean

  • completehoyosness 3 years ago

    Nice boobs

  • Batterielevellow 3 years ago

    that’s not working on a shortboard

  • 10YouGotTube10 3 years ago

    My feet hang over the end of the board… is that a problem?

  • Bettina Bader 3 years ago

    yea you need to have them on the board so you’re ready to pop up

  • justin helton 3 years ago

    you have’nt surfed in canada in the winter i’m guessing

  • HeyMrBartender 3 years ago

    I started paying attention around 1:47

  • theonlinesurfschool 3 years ago

    I totally agree!!! but many people cant get to the beach as often as they
    would like. This is a good way to keep yourself sharp to make the most of
    limited water time or to increase the rate of improvement. But its more fun
    to practice in the sea for sure!!!!!!!!

  • theonlinesurfschool 3 years ago


  • Macrya 3 years ago

    eww… not exactly the best view at 1:48….

  • Kirill Pigorev 3 years ago

    Guys, what’s the song on the sound?

  • lapatadadescendente 3 years ago

    1:48 .. que ricas tetas..!! mmmm! xD

  • MrBeybladefan123 3 years ago


  • ehsoftjunkie 3 years ago

    Wait. I saw boobs at the end and forgot everything. dammit.

  • robyrob78 3 years ago

    they’re doing too much, do less