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What not to do!!

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  • surfsandiego619 4 years ago

    perfect???? its like 1-2 feet

  • surfsandiego619 4 years ago

    learn how to speak you dumbass if you ever drop in on someone u hope u hit
    me? im just gonna stop now cuz i know your probably a special ed kid

  • rickyent 4 years ago

    Ha ha you kooks ain’t got a patch on superkook I’ll drop in all day and not
    even realise. You need to be less angry. The sea is mine I own all the
    waves. Your welcome to share. Keep it kooky fockers

  • Dmitry Mayer 4 years ago

    awesome :)

  • nxtvctm 4 years ago

    0:47 be there, done that hahaha

  • Sanjak Pitakrat 4 years ago

    lol very funny

  • Southerncowboyz 4 years ago

    This is Daytona Beach?

  • surfsandiego619 4 years ago

    i never said 8 feet.. anything bigger than these ankle slappers

  • Johnny Foster 4 years ago

    screw you

  • thejesusgeneration 4 years ago

    hahaha nice video man.

  • austinbotter001 4 years ago

    umm where is that

  • Lisette Lowe 4 years ago

    Fish are friends, not food

  • UrbanDirection 4 years ago

    omg hahah

  • themermaidgirl247 4 years ago


  • Mário Cezar Furtado 4 years ago

    I agree with you Tiago………..Mario (Brasil)

  • urbanlink2k 4 years ago

    how does he have that wave all to himself?!

  • ritchiey 4 years ago

    oh shit! that is me!

  • Sarah Riseley 4 years ago

    haha the poo man stance

  • Sacred Light 4 years ago

    Kelly Slater should be watching this to improve his surfing the Kook!

  • Tiago Baltazar 4 years ago

    he said perfect!! not big!! learn how to read

  • vince mancuso 4 years ago

    and the hat lives on

  • Ache Ras 4 years ago

    jajaj buen video me divertí un rato y buena rola

  • Tiago Baltazar 4 years ago

    perfect conditions doesnt mean 8 feet waves.. depends on the beach u

  • Tiago Baltazar 4 years ago

    i get what you mean, and i think u see my point aswell.. so need to discuss
    anymore about it.. keep surfing!good waves to all!!

  • rickyent 4 years ago

    Looks like abersoch. The last kook attack dude tried to smash his board off
    my face. His board cracked right the way through big chunk missing. Dude
    squared me off with tears in his eyes ” my board dude what the fuck”. Just
    dont fuck with the superkook. Dude had white shit on his face and a hood on
    the only 30 degree day of the summer. I asked where the cricket match was
    at. Kooky fuck left my ocean and went and cried on the beach looking at his
    board like he was gonna fix it with the power of