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Surf Exercises with Taylor Knox

SURF EXERCISES (SE) is a specific workout targeting better health and surfing. SE targets balance as the center piece for advanced strength, speed and rotati…
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  • kracksquad76 3 years ago

    @user0716 it actually 24 years since 1985 you dumb f#$%. so he closer to
    the rounding of 20 years than you. Maybe you should go back to pre school
    and learn how to count before you bag on people.

  • HRWellness 3 years ago

    Great to see real surfers improving their physical conditioning for their
    sport, we need more people preventing injuries and maintaining strength for
    long term function. Nice. .HR

  • idriss ameziane 3 years ago

    thanks taylor

  • cannon hiniker 3 years ago

    paul is my dad

  • RevengeOfTheFallen2 3 years ago

    @mrvicco112 it’s 24 years you dumbass

  • shmeetz54 3 years ago

    TK is a real pro surfer and to say otherwise is stupid. Fanning and Parko
    almost never do an air. They must not be real pro surfers either huh?

  • Joana Fraga 3 years ago

    love it!

  • SurfStrongerTV 3 years ago

    T Knox shows that function is a matter of conditioning, not age. Looks like
    a great workout too.

  • mrvicco112 3 years ago

    1985 to 2009 is 9 years you dork. not 14.

  • TheKddpiano 3 years ago


  • Umberto Brancaccio 3 years ago

    Big Knox!!!

  • marcos nobrega 3 years ago

    What’s the duration of this video, also any reviews from who watched?

  • SurfTrainingSecrets 3 years ago

    @ AirlayLeekoh, trunk rotations sure going to help along with full body
    stability, As for good diet – we are all individually biochemically
    different, no one ‘diet’ is right for any person or any collective group of
    athletes. Remember one wo/mans food is another persons poison. You have to
    find real food that works for you and your lifestyle and biochemistry.

  • Umberto Brancaccio 3 years ago

    Fantastic job!

  • Shakas420 3 years ago

    taylor’s so old school.. you watch him on the tour, not one single air. I
    mean, I know his power surfing’s amazing and that’s great, but you gotta
    have a full repertoire if you want to call yourself a real pro surfer

  • obakeSARU81 3 years ago

    awesome exercise. Most of these are very similar to the p90x lean program
    but this incorporates all in one deal versus the p90x lean program does
    core on a certain day, legs on another day, etc. etc. BTW, anyone know the
    background music to this video?

  • kracksquad76 3 years ago

    @kracksquad76 and from what i can see you ride a lid so you should just
    keep your mouth shut full stop cause all you good at is dragging your dick
    along the water or kneeling down like you want to suck on something

  • donutcaboose 3 years ago

    awesome paul hiniker is uhhh my uncle i think idk he’s something he’s my
    cousins dad hah ya

  • jcarl0233 3 years ago

    oooo hello lizzz

  • Steve Benkert 3 years ago

    great vid!

  • AspirePredator 3 years ago

    whats the name of the song at the beginning?

  • iamstormtrooper 3 years ago

    FRANCIS! I thought you hated water.

  • Shakas420 3 years ago

    @mrvicco112 what?!

  • bamduvett 3 years ago

    40 and still on tour…. and he broke his back, with a chance of never
    walking again. These drills must work. Taylor, what an inspiration. shot

  • teh sm0z 3 years ago

    I hate exercise