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Find out more at How do you turn around when kitesurfing? Here we’ll show you the most common way in which kitesurfers change dir…

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  • Progression Sports 3 years ago

    @boardhardcore We do in the Beginner DVD but not in this free video. We
    will be releasing a short top tips video soon which will have some kite
    shots, so look out for that here on youtube

  • boardhardcore 3 years ago

    i wish they would show the kite,

  • Aatje21 3 years ago

    I wish i had such a big kitchen it had water in it…

  • slingshotkites 3 years ago

    I’d say this may be a pretty small kite with a small rider so she does the
    board redirect at the same time she redirects the kite. Kite I would say is
    pretty high up, maybe working from 1 Oclock then back to 11 or 10. The
    heavier you are the harder you need to resend the kite. At 20 stone I have
    to be going like the clappers.

  • stoichiometric 3 years ago

    Women doing stuff. I like it.