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Skatefresh How to skate App Trailer - Extended Version with lesson clips

The only Skate Tuition Apps series, from Skatefresh; detailed video lessons with practice notes available from the Skatefresh Apps.…

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  • Deise Oliveira 2 years ago


  • mexicanosenjapon2008 2 years ago

    Voy por este. Y espero no dar un azoton

  • lim eddie 2 years ago


  • Cissa Spadoni Rodrigues 2 years ago

    Olá Asha, estamos em março e gostaria de saber se você veio para o Rio de
    Janeiro, me interesso sobre as aulas para patinar de costas. Não estou
    localizando esse vídeo, deu tempo de postar? bjos obrigada.

  • lj Bunda 2 years ago

    I’m,really thankful to find it website here in youtube!
    I’ve been practicing all the advices u’ve shown and tips for beginners,
    I love skating though I’m a little late for it.But who cares about age,when
    I started watching your videos I’m ready to pull up my confident one day
    I’ll be a,PRO,
    Godspeed. And God bless!
    Thank you

  • Hugo RE 2 years ago

    Vaya,veo mas videos y sigo pensando que bien se siente patinar…… Me
    encantaaaa…. XD

  • Martín Cortez 2 years ago

    i wanna know if you have facebook? to know more lessons about your videos 

  • Ricksu caricaturas 2 years ago

    Belas dicas !!! tenho grande dificuldade para fazer as transições (costa
    frente ) hoje mesmo cai várias vezes no Parque do Ibirapuera SP. Parabéns
    pelo vídeo e já estou inscrito no seu canal, pois adoro patinar e suas
    dicas sempre me ajudam muito !!! Boa noite. Ricardo 

  • faridjabba 2 years ago

    demn ur hot and cute. love ur accent!

  • Catend 2 years ago

    What are the differences between Skatefresh App and Udemy Skatefresh Course
    in presentation or content? For example there are some pages of “notes” in
    the app version, do these also exist in the Udemy format? Are the videos in
    both the same? Do you plan to offer the advanced lessons at Udemy at some
    point (only beginner & intermediate currently)? Thanks.

  • Ricksu caricaturas 2 years ago

    Putz….eu ia ficar maravilhado em ver suas aulas em português, pois
    infelizmente não entendo inglês, acho muito difícil essa língua, mas
    português também é muito difícil até para nós mesmo, pois tem muita gente
    que nasceu no brasil e não sabe falar corretamente e muito menos escrever,
    eu sou um exemplo disso…kkkk !!! Mas mesmo sem entender o que você fala
    nos tutoriais da para entender vendo as imagens….viva o youtube….kkk
    !!! Até mais :) !!!

  • Michael Bayer 2 years ago

    Are the apps still available? Itunes keeps saying “unavailable”….???

  • MrWeAllAreOne 2 years ago

    I have just bought my first pair but because i used to ice scate i decided
    to remove the brake. Thanks to your videos it has taken me 20 minutes to
    learn a T stop.

  • SkatefreshVideos 2 years ago

    Thank you! The app videos are much more detailed than the short Youtube
    videos but if you gain benefit, I’m happy. xx

  • alvaro u 2 years ago

    the most commun mehods for brake is t position but in down hill at more
    than 60 khmz is imposible brake

  • myheartandi999 2 years ago

    I am going to learn three turn. Thank you very much!

  • SkatefreshVideos 2 years ago

    Fantastic! That’s the idea of the apps, to enable skaters everywhere to
    achieve the skills they want to. You should feel justly proud of yourself.
    The T-stop pushes you firmly into intermediate World!!!

  • Eloy Barcelo 2 years ago

    When this App will be in the Mexican IOs App’s Store?

  • Vicente Zavala 2 years ago

    great video great moves specially the one with the one foot transition

  • freed175 2 years ago

    0:35 hmm lesson exerpts you say

  • R Msr 2 years ago

    Asha is a very advanced technical skater. She is the smoothest inline
    skater I’ve witnessed. I’ve seen amazing freestyle skaters; yet, where can
    you go to build towards that? I rec’d getting all three of Ashes

  • Perfume de mulher 2 years ago

    Wonderfull i love all your class

  • SkatefreshVideos 2 years ago

    Thank you Leila, I really appreciate your feedback. If you have time one
    day, could you please copy what you said about my apps and post as a review
    on the app store (or on GooglePLay if you bought androids). Thank you.
    People really read reviews and I intended the apps to be useful for real
    skaters wanting to improve, so your review above shows that they can work.
    Thank you so much in advance. Ashaxx

  • alvaro u 2 years ago

    but why u are using heel-stop??? in my country we learn with out this and
    we skate in main streets and down hills chek my videos

  • SkatefreshVideos 2 years ago

    You are welcome! It’s my pleasure to know these short videos help you (and
    so many others). I am making more short video tutorials in the next few
    weeks. I am busy writing more scripts for a new SKate Dance App and also
    some NEW Quads tutorials. I’m super busy but very happy. WHich stop did you
    learn using my video, the heel brake or T stop?