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  • anil kumar 3 years ago

    I am an indian I could learn too much thanks you very much sir very
    usefull lessons thanks again

  • Daedalus 3 years ago

    This is a compliment but you play as if you’re high on cocaine. If you’re
    not then wow you are energetic.

  • Jeffrey White 3 years ago

    Probably the most helpful video ever. Thanks!!!

  • Euan Bowden 3 years ago

    i always wanted to know how to do that
    today was a good day

  • Andrew James 3 years ago

    Dave you are shred god. Thank you for this awesome lesson.

  • Hanzi2u 3 years ago

    DANG!! it’s not as easy as it looks i was thinking From fret 5-7-9 my
    fingers aren’t that long .. i found it a strange position with the hand
    feel kinda retarded and pretty hard but just need practicing a lot :)

  • Bam's World 3 years ago

    how do you achieve the sound at the start? the part at 0:05 i understand
    its with the whammy bar but what do you do? i am gettting a new guitar with
    a floyd rose on soon so whammy is not a problem

  • dain hoff 3 years ago

    I have been playing guitar for some time now but practicing has become
    difficult for me now considering my life has gotten more busy. I seem to
    have no problems with rhythm type riffs (power chords for example or acdc
    type riffs) but when it comes to faster riffs (thrash metal) I can’t get
    the speed/accuracy down. I seem to either have one or the other. Guys have
    any suggestions :/

  • GhostlnTheRain 3 years ago

    This is not as easy as it looks. Painful for awhile haha m / killer
    lesson man!

  • jenaibratzchick 3 years ago

    I love your guitar by the way thanks

  • RC In2Mattle 3 years ago

    dat shred intro :o

  • George Mason 3 years ago

    Honestly, you seem like such a nice guy, a pleasure to be taught by…
    THANK YOU!!!

  • Gerson Salazar 3 years ago

    good guy @tMAttLZ

  • Ethan Aronson 3 years ago

    who need sex? look at his face!!!

  • Chris Kalas 3 years ago

    cool desolation series

  • Adrian Mars 3 years ago

    Yeah, they should give us back san dimas and so-cal. The real shred
    guitars. They don’t make ‘em anymore…

  • David Nassie 3 years ago

    This was taken from a series of lessons I have that Shawn did in Austria,
    back in the early 90′s. The tapes are unreal, just him and a cassette tape
    recording, breaking down his licks. Most of which are not on any official
    lesson DVD’s. Thank you!

  • KommadorCuddles2 3 years ago

    That Also Depends On What “Tasteful Manner” Means To Someone. I Listen To
    Bands Such As Whitechapel And The Black Dahlia Murder. To Me, Their Pinch
    Harmonics Are In A Tasteful Manner, Whereas To Someone Who Doesn’t Listen
    To Those Bands Would Probably View Them As Pointless And Tasteless.

  • smp156 3 years ago

    24 frets, ebony board, MoP inlays and binding, EMGs, recessed floyd and
    knobs, soloist-style body shape? charvel, what have you done?!? you should
    be ashamed of yourselves

  • Ar/Alvster 3 years ago

    guys, pls pls pls help me now.. i really want to shred some solos .. but i
    just cant do it. no matter how much i practise. please guys, i know u guys
    are extreme fast guitar players.. pls give me some advices on how to
    shred.. or even direct me to a good video.. pls people, i really need ur
    help.. pls :’/

  • dsgbddsa 3 years ago

    He’s not a fucking human

  • Boob Wiley 3 years ago

    dead easy? they’re challenging when you use them artfully in music…

  • 800pieds 3 years ago

    No more time spent explaining the scale used for several minutes. That’s
    guitar for grown up guitarists :). I’m all for this speed and level of
    explanations. Not that I can play that fast though.

  • David Nassie 3 years ago

    Thanks for checking out the video, we are proud to bring these to you and
    appreciate all the kind comments. And for the record…. The guitar used in
    this video is unreal!!!! Thanks, Dave

  • 50okman 3 years ago

    dude just skip over it. they do this as commercializing themselves. just
    skip over it if you hate it so much