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  • R20set 3 years ago

    Would be nice if you’d learn the song properly before making a lesson
    video.. =D

  • Dizzy Krissi 3 years ago

    very helpful and in detail – missed the swing-feel a bit since this makes
    it rocking at all

  • jorge cabrera 3 years ago

    palm mute part is sick ,in the riff Pm its easy but not now

  • Frederik Thaysen 3 years ago

    You sound a bit like Joe Bonamassa

  • George Newlands 3 years ago

    hi you should get a lesson on joe satriani ten words think you could do at

  • Rudy Alvarez 3 years ago

    Thank you verry much for the free lesson! Im performing this song and can’t
    wait to play it:)

  • 619fansopiece619 3 years ago

    Im playing this on acoustic right now lol it sounds sick. Can’t do the
    sweeping shit at the end of the solo that well on the acoustic though.
    Sounds ridiculously bad. Maybe I just suck haha

  • Matiasss1980 3 years ago

    cheers Carl! thanks so much for all these great lessons! I’m a huge fan of
    Satch and I’m learning a lot and making good progress thanks to your

  • DIMEZELMOZFIRE 3 years ago

    Very nice, finally i got the satch boogie in my fingers, i`ve been playing
    it wrong a couple of places for a long time, due to my lack of
    understanding notes, tabs, etc. i must listen, learn and rewind, and do it
    ten more times usually with a cd, but with this i got satching after
    watcing one time. So we are spoiled in these you tube times with tabs and
    learning videos, cool. RRR

  • Liam Brett 3 years ago

    this is so much easier than trying to read it off the tab with numbers all
    over the place, thanks for the lesson and you shred by the way

  • Harrison Short 3 years ago

    Awesome stuff man. Unfortunately, I only have an acoustic guitar at the
    moment, but one day I will be this good!

  • Mark Love 3 years ago


  • Djordje Djeric 3 years ago

    Carl love u man!

  • Dani Nasui 3 years ago

    he sounds like Joe Bonamasa

  • mawkli7afee 3 years ago