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Hello Eli my name is James and i am a teacher. Some of my student are using a proxy called ultra surf to bypass the schools internet filters, every time they start using it my internet connection…
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  • Eli the Computer Guy 2 years ago

    ▶ Question: How Do You Block Students from Using Ultra Surf Proxy Service
    on School Computers? – YouTube

  • Nora Boyle 2 years ago

    ▶ Question: How Do You Block Students from Using Ultra Surf Proxy Service
    on School Computers? – YouTube

  • james casey 2 years ago

    I just use tor in school

  • Omar Rojas 2 years ago

    I completely agree with you on the non-technological solution, however if
    the teacher want a quick solution specifically for ultrasurf here’s
    something that did work for me:

  • Josh Aguirre 2 years ago

    My school blocked UltraSurf. That’s why I just configure my VPN on the

  • Jason howe 2 years ago

    1 problem with this port block solution MIRC also uses the port Eli, while
    yes it is great to block ports, however I would suggest before suggesting
    anything to a computer teacher which more than likely doesn’t have the
    necessary clearances within network admin, it is pointless giving the
    person ideas and likely out of actual scope of his/her authority to have
    access too and for. And that being said I suspect the teacher is also
    stepping beyond the bounds of their authority aswell, especially if the
    kids are using their own laptops, what they do on desktops is a different
    story as they are community access.

  • King Blockhead 2 years ago

    Just get them to delete ultra surf and then turn on safesearch on your
    router and that will block all websites and services using proxy servers

  • Shiv Ramsamooj 2 years ago

    Interesting, I know of some teachers who use things like this to access
    materials not available due to the school filter. i.e. online resources.

  • Pierre Bourre 2 years ago

    Check out your gateway firewall

  • Phillip Windell 2 years ago

    You block them by blocking the Ultra Surf destination. The portable App
    they are using on their machines isn’t worth worrying about, what you have
    to focus on is the Servers out on the internet that the Ultra surf client
    has to interact with. If the Client-side Tool can’t communicate with the
    Server out on the internet than it will fail,…and it failing,…for
    you,…is good. Haxor Us also gave some good suggestions with using Group
    Policy. Group Policy might also stop it via Software Restriction Policies.

    Blocking ports would probably be pointless since it is probably designed to
    negotiate random ports or at least a list of alternate ports.

    A more human to human way might IMO is usually better. If the students
    looses grade points, expelled from classes, or other similar means might be
    more effective. After all,…what good are rules if no one will enforce

  • Lincoln Tech 2 years ago

    Use opendns and it can block all proxies

  • the-truth-seeker 2 years ago

    Block all executables from running and set a allowed list you can do this
    if the PC is windows 8 

  • Haxor Us 2 years ago

    You can block ultrasurf through group policy, by blocking its certificate.
    simple and sweet solution that’s hard to bypass. Also ultrasurf can run on
    more then port 9666 and it can be dynamically changed in the interface
    window in case 9666 is blocked. Another solution is this it blocks ultrasurf/tor. Just my 2 cents.