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A discussion about picking technique and pick angle as it relates to alternate picking at various speeds. Please check out my new written blog with free less…
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  • Al Williams 3 years ago

    Hey, what are your thoughts on using economy picking for ascending and
    descending 3 note per string shapes?

  • Al Williams 3 years ago

    Thanks a lot. Another great lesson. This year is the year I get my
    picking together.

  • mjt11860 3 years ago

    thank u very much for this. when i’m playing zeppelin’s “good times bad
    times”, on the part after the singing 1st begins where jimmy starts playing
    individual notes, i’ve always had problems w/my pick hanging up when i
    start coming up toward my face since i am going across 2 strings on the
    same up motion (economy picking those 2 notes?). i should instead b still
    picking up & down as i am coming back up. correct? also, should the pick
    flex up & down much as i’m playing individual notes? any info is greatly

  • Wallace Turner 3 years ago

    great explanation. the close up stills at 2:48 are most useful

  • Sound Theory Studio 3 years ago