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This is a very basic modern jive routine taken from our library at You’ll also see some sample intermediate level moves in between the routine and the instruction. Hope you…
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  • shadowshogun 2 years ago

    I love dancing and I’m always looking to learn new styles and moves. I had
    never heard of Jive before, but listening to a song on my library by Johnny
    Otis i got curious what Hand Jive was and so i ended up with this video.
    It’s really good. Clear instructions. They’re great moves!! Now I’m really
    interrested in learning Modern Jive. Thank you for posting this video!! ^^

  • Czerniakowska 2 years ago

    As always with modern jive, it’s not clear what’s meant by “beginners”.
    What period of tuition would be required for someone who had never danced
    modern jive before to master these moves? Three or four years?

  • naturally2 2 years ago

    You’re right. Modern Jive is not technically like Jive at all in the
    footwork. That’s why you see it danced to contemporary hits between 110 and
    140 beats per minute. Jive on the other hand requires much faster music and
    you’re hard pressed to find a club playing much of it. Thanks for the
    compliments too. :D

  • nolamca 2 years ago

    im doing a fund rasing event for charity and have never jived b4 im a lad
    of 24 and my mates wud say im mad tryin to learn old stuff but to watch
    this type of dance in full swing is excellent, at present im like an
    ashtray on a motorbike useless is there like a crashcourse ya cud learn
    this stuff fairly quick ta look well and get me bye on this event????

  • Rybosomak 2 years ago


  • Dav123xyz 2 years ago

    doesn’t look basic to me!

  • engywuck85 2 years ago

    Why this music? I’m a beginner and don’t even recognize the steps as a
    jive!? Nevertheless good explained!

  • Dav123xyz 2 years ago

    @naturally2 that sounds like a good approach…tho’ having fun is first and
    foremost to me. I was doing this a year or so ago and had to pack it in due
    to the distance to the class (the money ran out). + there was little
    encouragement from teacher ….disappointing. YOu sound different.

  • naturally2 2 years ago

    We teach 21 beginner moves and cycle them continually. People who have
    never danced these moves before, often master them in 6 months. It’s not
    about being masters though – it’s about having fun and looking good.

  • Graeme Glendinning 2 years ago

    weird music to accompany it

  • naturally2 2 years ago

    checkout our site and download some beginner video files and you’ll be
    fine. The site is jivemecrazy dot com

  • Alan Davison 2 years ago

    @Valladin Interesting comment that V. My wife and I looked at loads of
    different dances, trying to find one where the bloke didn’t look a complete
    ponce (goodbye Salsa et al, shame really since we had a flat in Mallorca)
    and the only one which fit the bill was Ceroc. It reminded me of the GI’s
    and the Teddy Boys. This version’s quite close but there’s still a lot of
    insipid flouncing about going on. It would benefit from a more dynamic,
    “raw power” display from the bloke.

  • Valladin 2 years ago

    I’m not sure how I feel about modern jive, – started out doing east coast
    and moved to lindy but this version seems to just be mixing in a few steps
    from here there and everywhere, starting to look at bit like ceroc. But
    thats just my opinion, if it works it works i guess. Think original ive is
    alot more exiting though :)

  • Czerniakowska 2 years ago

    Fair comment, but the original point regarding the choice of music for this
    clip is valid. The beat doesn’t seem to bear any relationship to the steps
    being performed and the impression is that it may have been dubbed on later
    by someone with absolutely no knowledge of modern jive (or conversely, by a
    modern jiver with no knowledge of music).

  • Bitter Tea 2 years ago

    Wow…. all the how to jive videos from the UK.