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Mavericks Invitational Surf Contest Highlights 2013

Last weekend, Chris MacAskill, Ivan Makarov, Kevin Harrington and Michael Bonocore from SmugMug were invited to shoot the Mavericks Invitational Big Wave Sur…

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  • Maximus Historien 3 years ago

    all amateurs diving into a instagram photoshop with their own contract
    photogs. cant finish the wave. no technique

  • Zorrolist Marketplace 3 years ago

    ▶ Mavericks Invitational Surf Contest Highlights 2013 – YouTube

  • Jihoon Jeong 3 years ago

    WoW Great~~!

  • Charles Deshoux 3 years ago

    Really nice, I want to do it

  • Chen Hui Chua 3 years ago

    Great moment captured. I feel so going there to watch them surf.

  • Honeysucklebommie 3 years ago

    Big set! ..of balls on the guy in red! He deserved that make.

  • Natan Felix 3 years ago

    very good 

  • Xoid97 3 years ago

    poeple falling 2013

  • Helin Wang 3 years ago

    2:15 wow super late drop

  • Tyler Pletzer 3 years ago

    Was it held on thanksgiving? Plenty off stuffing all around!

  • groovy65baby 3 years ago

    Would have been waaaaay better at full speed. Why all the slow sot ion.

  • Austin K 3 years ago

    of course its dangerous on big days to be dropping in on guys and snaking
    other im not saying to do it… just play it cool and dont make
    a big deal out of it. just continue with your surfing and have a fun
    session.. you will get more respect by being kind rather than being a total
    jerk about it

  • Austin K 3 years ago

    sure, it can be disrespectful to drop in on guys out there and anywhere,
    and its for sure dangerous. but what pisses me off is when i see guys
    fighting over who had right of way on a wave and theyre just yelling and
    cussing each other out not even realizing that they are completely
    unharmed. if someone drops in on you, then why should you care? all you
    have to do is bail off your board and paddle out to catch another. theres
    no need to make a big deal about it and going around picking fights.

  • Austin K 3 years ago

    you make surfing sound like its some kind of strict sport that has a never
    ending rulebook of “violating priorities.” at a wave like mavericks, once
    you pull in, you cant pull out cuz the waves too powerful. david philips is
    right. it was probably an accident. once both guys got up, they were all
    ready too far down the face to bail. so they had no choice but to share a
    wave. learn how to share and you’ll get more respect @liuyloui

  • MsFranksilva 3 years ago

    só tem big haole!!

  • Harry Wolfmuller 3 years ago


  • fnog9 3 years ago

    1:30 … what a douche!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Quayne Renshaw 3 years ago

    Been there… pretty awesome waves

  • Derwin Tromp 3 years ago

    The song/music used in this video is Truth Lies Within by Jeff Heim

  • AionWakiNerthus 3 years ago

    What’s the name of the music?

  • SmugMug 3 years ago

    Last weekend, +Chris MacAskill, +Ivan Makarov, +Kevin Harrington and +Michael
    Bonocore from +SmugMug were invited to shoot the Mavericks Invitational Big
    Wave Surf tournament from a boat cruising right off of the famed – and
    dangerous – Mavericks surf break, a world-famous big wave break located
    one-half mile off the coast of Half Moon Bay, California. Armed with
    enough photography equipment to make jealous, the team
    came away with photos of some of the world’s best surfers, plus an awesome
    slow motion, action-packed movie of the competition as well. We hope you
    like it as much as they enjoyed making it!

    Video By Michael Bonocore and Chris MacAskill
    Video Editing By Chris MacAskill
    Photos By Ivan Makarov, Michael Bonocore

    Special thanks to this year’s winner, Peter Mel, and surf legends Chris
    Bertish, Shawn Dollar, and Ken “Skindog” Collins for appearing in the video.

    More info about the Mavericks Invitational.

    While you’re at it, feel free to check out Mavericks legend Jeff Clark surf
    shop and grab one of the famous Jeff Clark Surfboards.

    Here are some still photos from the SmugMug team.

    #Mavericks #Surf #Surfing #Photography #Movie #Video

  • DrAnthonyB Whittington 3 years ago


  • Frank DeMarco 3 years ago

    *Breathtaking Video Highlights of Mavericks Invitational Surf Contest*

    Thanks for sharing, +Chris MacAskill and +SmugMug!

  • t newkirk 3 years ago

    My baby boy loves this 

  • Ryan Szeto 3 years ago

    Wish I had the balls to do this but its still amazing to watch