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Lower Trestles: A Surfline feature. Enjoy a Surfline exclusive on one of California’s most playful surf breaks. Lower Trestles located in California State Pa…
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  • Isaac Loftus 3 years ago

    Too bad everyone at lowers is a royal douche.

  • Raughing outRoud 3 years ago

    Meanwhile at my beach, 3 second rides tops. 

  • Jack Ryan Wineke 3 years ago

    Ur a kook if you walk through the burial grounds.

  • Nicholas Bass 3 years ago

    I surf at tressels

  • Kelly Sorichetti 3 years ago

    Love surfing

  • Nicholas Bass 3 years ago


  • postalaka 3 years ago

    That’s why there is a no stopin or parking sign there haha but who listens
    to that dumb old sign !Best overview by car

  • GRYProductions 3 years ago

    Enjoy a Surfline exclusive on one of California’s most crowded surf breaks

  • Jack Kashitski 3 years ago

    You noticed it’s overcrowded & a handful of good waves/gigantic mob? 1989
    was the most uncrowded time of all. Surfers (mostly longhairs SoCal) were
    ostracized through the 70′s (for rebelling against rich capitalists) that
    lasted until about 1999 when the hype started. Yet people started to
    complain around 1995 about overcrowding. The hype started (1999) and rich
    little brats took over after all that “it’s a waste of time” ostracizing
    talk back then & the longhair surfers died of malnutrition.

  • Saxon Morris 3 years ago

    @0:19-0:22 holy shit. such a sick ass fly away. i want to try that

  • polfer123 3 years ago

    ya go down in the mornings and watch polfer surf. those name droppin guys
    are there about 2 weeks a year max. SICK OF industry JIVE. P.S. surfline in
    the worst thing to ever happen to the sport of surfing

  • Papa Burr 3 years ago

    @filipinofantasy haha I’m first on the list so if we are getting technical
    i’m first lol

  • skatecharger 3 years ago

    the firs time i visited lowers i was like 5. I haven’t visited since then.
    This video makes me want to lowers every day

  • SkateSurfProductions 3 years ago

    Sick wave

  • Patrick Cortinez 3 years ago


  • Jack Kashitski 3 years ago

    Really? I am going to rush it then for the next swell in two days. Thanks.
    If theres’ more than that I am going to be very upset

  • skatecharger 3 years ago

    lol u should seriously start surfing then.

  • Hayden Rhone 3 years ago

    its not called between “los angeles and san diego” Its not like orange
    county is somewhere nobody has ever heard of.

  • Harrison Reeves 3 years ago

    well its secret and you have o walk like a mile trail

  • Alphonsus Jr. 3 years ago

    Yes. I remember when it began as 976-SURF. I got in big trouble for running
    up the phone bills.

  • X180SE 3 years ago

    My Vega broke-down in Dana Point & I had to call my mom! Still, one of my
    best surf days ever.

  • Riggro 3 years ago

    someone doesn’t like sharing :(

  • Mary Helen Ferris 3 years ago

    thank you for adding to my day….trestles have a different meaning here in
    Southern Alberta….appreciate learning

  • kylep8514 3 years ago

    Whenever I drive by Lowers, I always almost cause an accident. There is a
    great view from that bridge if you Turtle Neck it.

  • Lane Williams 3 years ago

    Not too many people even know about the wave, more of a secret spot, never
    gets crowded or anything