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Austin Reviews the Lost Mini Driver surfboard The Lost Mini Driver has a low nose rocker with a forward placed outline, both attr…

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  • the Surf Station 3 years ago

    They look awesome but we haven’t heard much feedback on them yet. Hopefully

  • the Surf Station 3 years ago

    It was originally designed to be fast in the tube but according to Lost
    works well in 2 ft slop. I would probably look to a different model if you
    are looking for a true groveler.

  • Shane Maynard 3 years ago


  • pim wijker 3 years ago

    does it work in sloppy 1 to 2 feet surf?

  • Chris Dunham 3 years ago

    Have you had a chance to try out the Taj “beach buggy” yet? just curious if
    it’s a good daily “go to” board. Thx!