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Mick Rodgers takes his new Bing model (aka ‘Mr Rodgers’) for a spin in sunny California, with sounds from Walt Grizzy… Filmed by Ruwac Productions (http://…

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  • Mratl131 3 years ago

    All these people saying they hated the music? Fuck that. It fit the film

  • Robert Williams 3 years ago

    Don’t like rap. But that’s smooth and right. Love me some longboardin’.

  • Jayr Tomas 3 years ago

    Really cool video

  • Rewbert Pestana 3 years ago

    Show! MElhor ainda em 1:12 aquela ave foi fantastica!

  • Liad Shtanski 3 years ago

    WTF is falling to the water in 1:12

  • Boots And Pots 3 years ago

    anybody saw that giant bird diving in the top left corner at 1:12 ?

  • kingston willis 3 years ago

    style is created by the individual and music that is heard by the person
    that seeks a voice. 

  • Jose Garcia 3 years ago

    1. California surfing- California hip hop
    2. longboarding smooth riding- smooth slow beat n good rhyme scheme
    3. pretty sure mick Rodgers digs the song so it doesn’t matter what u guys
    think lol

  • Ron Fults 3 years ago

    I love the
    surfing. I hate rap music. Too bad. Spoiled the film for me.

  • Johnny Hernandez 3 years ago

    wtf at 1:11

  • tim say surf 3 years ago

    I like this it was auper sick

  • colin ignat 3 years ago

    1:33 ???

  • Flaab Mrlinux 3 years ago

    Amazing video!!! What dimension is the board?

  • Jaime Lopez 3 years ago

    What is the size of that board?

  • Jamie Venton 3 years ago

    love it great video great tricks and great edit 

  • lamunecadog 3 years ago

    Looks like Pipes surf spot in Cardiff

  • Jair Phreed 3 years ago

    Great video but what’s with the shitty rap music ????

  • Porcherie Pierre-Henri 3 years ago

    What´s the music please ?

  • Jose Luis Garcia 3 years ago

    very nice bay area hip hop and northern cali surf, perfect combination

  • readeray 3 years ago

    Great surfing and nice editing. But all the props, old stick shift truck
    (check); white guy – affluent suburb -inner city rap ( check, please how
    much longer); blah blah blah ( pelican diving at 1;12; that’s how they eat

  • David Fielding 3 years ago


  • Konner Mac 3 years ago


  • Angèle Beaufront 3 years ago

    Anyone seen the bird going straight to the water at 1:12?

  • Liad Shtanski 3 years ago

    whats the song’s name ?

  • dario asorio 3 years ago

    what are the dimensions of this longboard?