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  • junito1957 3 years ago

    great video on how to young lady keep up the good work, =)

  • alex Luke 3 years ago

    Thank you and I’m the 100th liker

  • Leo Bastos 3 years ago

    Nice surfing video! Now I just wished I could learn how to duckdive. Lol

  • ELIJAH THE STONE 3 years ago

    Ancles over

  • BeautyDiysTutorials 3 years ago

    i just found this video and i got a board today lol

  • dalhanchett5 3 years ago

    I don’t live by the beach I don’t hav a surf bord either.

  • Cameron Jewell 3 years ago

    Love the show

  • neon turtles 3 years ago

    You should make a video of you surfing

  • SmackyMackie 3 years ago

    and look srtate in front of u,when u pattle cafe your hands :)

  • TheMermaidMaggie 3 years ago

    this was really helpful! thanks :) wait! i just realized something…
    theres no top comments, heres my chance…”hi”

  • Sean delgatto 3 years ago

    Awe loved the video!

  • LochNes 3 years ago

    I like your hair!! Pretty. This video is cool. I wish I lived by the beach..

  • Cameron Jewell 3 years ago

    when did u start surfing

  • Sofia Evans 3 years ago

    Ruby S. or Ruby R. ???

  • Luis Peralta 3 years ago

    yes, go to your local surfshop and they will help you find the correct
    board. if you have never surf i suggest you start wih longboards, if you
    are 6 feet tall or lower you can ride a 8 feet longboard. (sorry if i
    misspelled a word i used a google translate)

  • ELIJAH THE STONE 3 years ago

    An les over

  • ELIJAH THE STONE 3 years ago


  • Bella Zernom 3 years ago

    hi ruby

  • SmackyMackie 3 years ago

    you remind me of anna soifa robb on soul surfer

  • SmackyMackie 3 years ago

    i surf to… love to surf

  • ELIJAH THE STONE 3 years ago

    A broken wave

  • SmackyMackie 3 years ago

    bind your needs

  • autumn turner 3 years ago

    great job!!;)

  • actorgirls701 3 years ago

    You have a lot of good tips everything that i would give!!!!!! I can’t wait
    to surf again I have to wait till spring!!!!:(

  • Mario Gonzalez 3 years ago

    don’t got a board but reminiscing on tips. Thanks