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Learn to surf - lesson 9

How to control your surfboard.
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  • Masterofall128 4 years ago

    What beach is that?

  • roberto herrera 4 years ago

    i like ur videos…are like more down to earth then most here on youtube…

  • christopher laugo 4 years ago

    what is this song at the beginning of the video?

  • ryleerents 4 years ago

    softtop is a good brand for a begginer and about 9 feet is perfect for a

  • James Thomas 4 years ago

    six weeks 2 hours in the water every day 1 hour on land you’l be a pro and
    that’s how annasophia trained for soul surfer

  • dobbyeyes120 4 years ago

    to turn with the surfboard was a reaction of me – paddling with legs and
    hands like in here ^^ funny to see what i did unconsciously and i see it
    here in a teaching video =D great videos!

  • John Arthur 4 years ago

    yea your looking for the waves and when you see one coming you start
    paddling to the sand and you catch the wave

  • Donpockets510 4 years ago


  • socket85 4 years ago

    You can both have your back toward the beach or parallel to the beach but,
    I prefer the first way, because you have more visual on the waves coming
    from the ocean. In this way you have to be quicker in turning you surfboard
    than in the second way.

  • enlargemedia 4 years ago

    how to wipe out come naturally to me

  • SurfariMex 4 years ago

    nothing better then learning how to surf in magical mexico!

  • calibeach1 4 years ago

    OK so I went out today, for the second time and I’m not nearly fast enough
    to have my entire back toward the sand. I just seem to become unbalanced
    and I fall off the board while the wave is passing under me :( I seem to do
    better being parallel to the sand for now. I also think the waves were also
    to large today for a beginner so I went out for only 30min and came back in
    and just rested on the beach. They looked to be 6 to 8 feet tall.

  • artsmart16 4 years ago

    Great lessons, they’re really clear. Thanks!

  • LifesaGardenDigit1 4 years ago

    Great show mates. Thanks for the tips.

  • MermaidMystery 4 years ago

    how long a board do you think a beginner should buy? what type/brand? how
    much should I spend?

  • calibeach1 4 years ago

    ok, im confused here.. do you turn totally toward the ocean when your
    waiting for a wave? Like have your back toward the sand? Or are you suppose
    to only be turned parallel to the sand?

  • supercoolninjayo 4 years ago

    @msneverquit However, they are expensive, easier to break, harder to buy
    the correct one (making sure you don’t buy a like an arched bottom board or
    something too short) and over all, much more dangerous. Using a foam is
    usually cheaper (buying them used saves you quite a bit of money), doesn’t
    nearly hurt you nearly as much, and it takes a lot more to really break
    them for good. Though I see your point, I would at least use a foam for the
    first 2-3 times surfing. It is better that way.