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Learn to Surf Lesson 9: Controlling Your Surfboard

Discover how to lie on your surfboard properly, it on your board and turn using your hands and feet and get off your surfboard correctly and safely.

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  • Aizuddin Zainal 3 years ago

    I cant sit on my board!!!

  • The777Surfer 3 years ago

    I never knew “Wipe-out’s” Had their own method of concurring…

  • gary harvey 3 years ago

    it nevr showed me how to turn

  • Cheryl Surette 3 years ago

    Whenever I think of a wipe-out during surfing, I picture the surfer
    shouting: “Wipe out!” prior to the wipe-out actually happening. This always
    sends a thrill down my spine as I can picture the surfer getting submurged
    and then coming up with both arms over their head.

  • IndyDParkour 3 years ago

    hey what beach are u at

  • nerdycats 3 years ago

    try standing towards the tail , keep you’re feet farther apart :3hope it
    helps ,

  • gary harvey 3 years ago

    foam board pro “s

  • James Thomas 3 years ago

    maybe your feet are straight not bent or your heels are pointing to the
    nose not the side cause that often happens

  • luvmonkey666 3 years ago

    what am i doing wrong? each time i try to turn i lean on my heels or toes
    and the board just flips over on its side its a 9’3