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Discover how to act and respect other surfers in the ocean. The rules regarding dropping in and snaking. Paddling Out and getting out of the way of other sur…
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  • Luke Andrews 3 years ago

    What if a longboarder catches a wave a little futher out first and a
    shortboader joins in but he is closer to the curl, whats the story there?

  • Niki Alltree 3 years ago

    Great series, really concise and straight to the point, will watch the
    whole series over and over to allow it to sink in, surfing in New Zealand
    next year can’t wait!

  • james hurst 3 years ago

    Great series

  • Liron Abadi 3 years ago

    Absolut pleasure!! thanks alot! that was fantastic!

  • Ken Hayward 3 years ago

    thanks for the AWESOME surf lessons! I would like to try but I’m in my
    mid-50′s I can probably surf the baby-waves:>)

  • Mia Lynn 3 years ago

    Hahaha the fist fight at 00:34

  • irolokirt 3 years ago

    1:56 auuuu

  • MadProfessor153 3 years ago

    Wow, great video series. Thanks a lot for sharing. This last is definitely
    the best. I haven’t seen a video of surfers actually fighting in the water
    before. I’ve definitely seen ‘em back on land though. Good stuff.

  • ulkram 3 years ago

    Were those scenes staged or did you catch people fighting and pushing each

  • killedbythedocter 3 years ago

    no wonder people were pissed at me today lol

  • Gyaltsen Wangchuk 3 years ago

    Hi These videos are really good . I have look some of the other videos to
    learn how to surf . And I found that these videos are the best. Which give
    the whole skill about surf for a learner. So thank so much for make such a
    wonderful videos and sharing your skills. So I want to buy a surfboard and
    start to learn how to surfing. THank so much to you all.

  • Ken Hayward 3 years ago

    Thanks again for the great videos on learning how to surf, I kayak so would
    like to do a bit of surfing just to get exercise and tell people even at my
    age I can surf lol Thanks thumbs-up videos:>)

  • Deborah Driscoll 3 years ago

    @wezzzor, the longboarder still has priority on the wave. Hopefully, the
    surfers on the longer boards let some waves go by for the surfers on
    smaller boards sitting on the inside so as not be wave hogs. Its called
    sharing. Most people these days don’t know how. Aloha

  • irolokirt 3 years ago

    1:35 sorry

  • Wesley Cowpar 3 years ago

    What if a longboarder catches a wave a little futher out first and a
    shortboader joins in but he is closer to the curl, whats the story there?

  • emarga2703 3 years ago

    This are my favorite learn-to videos about surfing! I can´t wait until i
    get enough money to buy my first surfboard!!

  • auldsk8r 3 years ago

    How about an updated video regarding SUP’s. Too many of them either don’t
    know surf etiquette or don’t care.

  • Iconiq 3 years ago

    Fantastic series, really good stuff…

  • Anthony Linares 3 years ago

    yes me >.<

  • Lee CambsUK 3 years ago

    thanks for the tips, tried my first surfing last week on the french
    atlantic and I am amazed at how much I didnt know!

  • Jason Rudd 3 years ago

    what beach are they surfing on?