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Riding a wave, how to take off, how to turn, and more.
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  • Ogugua Belle 4 years ago

    A Summer Time Rhyme Isaac Paddon and the Tides

  • al danceing lelemoo 4 years ago

    I wanns surf pipe!!

  • TheSurfreakDK 4 years ago

    i got a question is it better to have a board with 4 fins or 3 please
    answer back

  • TheHead777 4 years ago

    cool now I can go surfing :D 2morrow I going 2 fureventura,spain so I gonna
    try it for first time m/

  • innercityman2 4 years ago

    what is the name of the album of that song – its mad

  • Jason Clemente 4 years ago

    Nice mellow beat

  • answerOfstupids 4 years ago

    That accent

  • answerOfstupids 4 years ago

    I dont see waves like those on a beach i live at.

  • Alexandree Sousa 4 years ago

    where is this beach? +.+

  • Creggz 4 years ago

    0:09 perfect :D

  • jonand91 4 years ago

    Haha yea. In some vidoes they just teach you shit and in thos the take the
    most important stuff in one.

  • Kim Jong-Un 4 years ago

    why the hell are these guys using soft top boards?

  • TheSurfreakDK 4 years ago

    hey man thx a lot becuase im using a 3 fin on my short board and i didnt
    know if the quad was better so thx -keven

  • fanciscop 4 years ago

    In this video what is the height of this waves in meters and the features
    of the winds and currents?

  • NessaFanForLife 4 years ago

    where is that??????

  • Akhed 4 years ago

    With difficulty. I haven’t figured it out yet…

  • ballpark franks 4 years ago

    Thanks for this! Having done it a few times myself I can already see what
    I’m doing wrong.

  • kibk8al 4 years ago

    “Riding a wave, how to take off, how to turn, and more” Whoa, that’s kind
    of a tall order for a three minute video :D Nice series though.

  • DoctorIncredible 4 years ago

    god at 2:09 WHERE is that wave??? it is so chill and endless. perfect.

  • coolmatterstome 4 years ago

    How can a wave like that not be crowded ifi it was in So Cal. but Oz has
    tons of peeling waves vs. our closeouts so these waves are probably below
    avg for an Aussie..

  • ARABICHOMIE 4 years ago

    i mean, if you wanna turn and do cutbacks and stuff, 3 fins are good….if
    you wanna du some bigwave surfing 4 fins are better…look foor the
    position of the fins (angle, size,….)

  • shmenditt 4 years ago

    puerto escondido mexico…awesome for surfing

  • AaronF97 4 years ago

    what beach is this at?

  • Solidjesse 4 years ago

    It’s never too late to learn how to surf! Don’t be intimidated by groms or
    other young surfers. I was in Waikiki this Summer and I was talking to a 70
    year old man who was learning to surf. All surfing takes is determination
    and a love for the sport, no matter the age.

  • M91AlohaGirl 4 years ago

    is this autralia? If yes, which part ? If no,…where is this paradise?