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  • Full donates 3 years ago

    Sup jimmy neutron?

  • Kemal Bakici 3 years ago

    Dude your Surf playing is inspirational and you have taught me loads.
    Problem I have is finding people in the U.K who play Surf ! Where are the
    British Surf players ? Make yourself known !!

  • ELinktricTears 3 years ago

    One two three he-ya!

  • trevor8930 3 years ago

    very cool

  • gta5infohubber 3 years ago


  • econobeer 3 years ago

    Man or Astroman?

  • necrodogs 3 years ago

    Cool guy with a cool guitar playing and teaching a cool style. What’s not
    to like. Multiball for dress, grooming and ability to break stuff down into
    pieces my (very talented) 11year old can handle. Jason, if you ever need to
    go to Norway, send me a msg and I’ll hook you up with the bear necessities.
    Peace :-)

  • arrowhead58w 3 years ago

    Thank you Jason – For a lesson in Americana (the beach stuff is so cool)
    Nice one for those of us just learning like me @ 50+ I remember the movies
    and now can play the associated chords. “LIKE” big time! Have a nice day!
    GG It is the music thats important

  • jajaboomers 3 years ago


  • Peter Badavis 3 years ago

    Oh, And also check The Shadows !!!

  • almostmakingit12 3 years ago

    Sure your name isn’t Johnny?

  • johnnybrubaker 3 years ago

    fuckin hair

  • carefreeforcfc 3 years ago

    U look stupid

  • Andybaby 3 years ago

    So did he have that hair/look when you met?

  • Savvy Symbiont 3 years ago

    Love the Jason Lee surfstyle….

  • Colonel Gayfur 3 years ago

    @imcustomized … Great vid, nice johnybravi hair too. Fuck this butt hurt
    custom guy who cant endle soft jokes, dont go out in the world youll get
    eatn alive.

  • rssbrry 3 years ago

    He looks pretty intelligent and skilled to me

  • Peter Badavis 3 years ago

    The Ventures, Dick Dale, Dick Dale and His Del Tones, The Lively Ones, The
    Revels, Danny Gatton (more Country style), of course there are more but
    they are a good start :)

  • cherdrol 3 years ago

    Love this guy!

  • FaNwlnG 3 years ago

    I swear I was going to write the same exact comment.

  • Andrew Koster 3 years ago

    enough !@#$% comments about his’s about the music that’s important.

  • David Thompson 3 years ago

    He has a strategy with that hair, all eyes will be on him during a concert.

  • Thomaxonal 3 years ago

    Did you see his hair though?

  • pharaohmatt 3 years ago

    nice! kinda spooky sound. Ghosts on surf boards. Like it.

  • carefreeforcfc 3 years ago

    @rssbrry he may be but all im saying is the hair looks stupid