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  • ELinktricTears 3 years ago

    “Damn I’m pretty”

  • Andreas Rogne 3 years ago


  • sandoz67 3 years ago

    Excellent tuition. Top dude – top dog.

  • silentknight1776 3 years ago

    Come on man with the hair? Seriously? Come on now…..

  • enkaperson 3 years ago

    I click this video, because I think it’s an old lady doing fast picking…

  • 216trixie 3 years ago

    Wow, almost 100% comments not about the lesson. Morons.

  • Savvy Symbiont 3 years ago

    Would be very interested in the progression of surf riffs through history
    (i.e how one influenced the others). Did surf style playing inspire the
    variety of reverb technologies that we have to choose from today?

  • pharaohmatt 3 years ago

    I love this guy…

  • Beggar Wall 3 years ago

    No, I didn’t suggest that, Pitts. Whether he looks like that all the time
    or just for guitar lessons makes no difference – the point I made stands
    up. A bit like his hair.

  • FreedomRiding 3 years ago

    Another awesome lesson guys! Here is something to help silent those
    negative comments: Reckless words pierce like a sword, but the tongue of
    the wise brings healing. -Proverbs 12:18

  • imcusto 3 years ago

    Your mommy wants you to turn off the computer now and go to bed.

  • zombiezombie1977 3 years ago

    good for Tarantino’s movie:)

  • eightyeightsandaces 3 years ago

    Always enjoy your lessons Jason, thanks NLG

  • mchristofas 3 years ago

    Great lesson as always! I practice this style in small bits when I want to
    change from same old, it’s fun. For my family not so much!

  • Calum McIlroy 3 years ago

    The hair.

  • Martin Williams 3 years ago

    Excellent tutorial as usual,many thanks

  • RoboBreadMan 3 years ago

    Hey man! Can you give us a tutorial on how you do your hair?

  • Ryan Hitchman 3 years ago

    I knew the top rated comment would be “Johnny Bravo” before I even clicked
    this lol.

  • Ben Andrews 3 years ago

    actually, its called tremolo picking

  • Ferdie Pendon 3 years ago


  • José Martín Ramírez Carrasco 3 years ago

    You look like a grandma in da thumbnails man, no offense. Stay cool.

  • Dasc230 3 years ago

    WTF happen to your hair!

  • Martin Williams 3 years ago

    he calls it staccato picking at 1:57 mate

  • LukeIsAwkward 3 years ago


  • cherdrol 3 years ago

    Love this guy!