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  • toshiba009 3 years ago

    Awesome guitar, never seen one of those.

  • Lochlan Jones 3 years ago

    lol i hope i win this guitar

  • michael1991123 3 years ago

    that is from Fur Elise from Beethoven, but then it has a twist. Like most
    licks they are based on classical music since the first electric guitar
    players had studies on classical music too. The Jazz era

  • allgoo19 3 years ago

    That guitar must be super heavy.

  • DangerHaiVoltage 3 years ago

    @270Gmoney Yeah

  • RenaissanceMan929 3 years ago

    Rock on David Taub!! You just keep on breaking in my new guitar before you
    send it to me ;)

  • JL2996 3 years ago

    Thanks man, it’s been a while since a lesson like this.

  • hoogiechugie 3 years ago

    it’sss seeeeee throuuuuuuugh

  • SpadesFLush13 3 years ago

    this is a Grat lesson….Probably my favorite one…and i have a couple jam
    tracks i enjoy, Keep the Lessons comeing plz…Support NextLvLGuitar Any

  • Jesse Gil 3 years ago

    @GrevMivlos it’s not a fender

  • realjuvelive 3 years ago

    @MinginEngine How Did you know that ? where did you learn?

  • realjuvelive 3 years ago

    How can tell me how to figure out the key of the song !

  • MClown69 3 years ago

    great lessons! I can’t wait for your next one!

  • kuzurame 3 years ago

    Love the guitar dave!

  • weimer495 3 years ago

    yEA MAN

  • Sanitarium1965 3 years ago

    nice video btw

  • TheNathrasha 3 years ago

    you help a lot David :) cheers!

  • Racinette189 3 years ago

    @MWRiff haha nice!

  • tjohn69 3 years ago

    Really enjoying these licks of the week. NLG for the WIN!!!!

  • wdfisher100 3 years ago

    Very good video. Easy to understand and play and sounds great.

  • strabbs1 3 years ago

    @rockongoodpeople great timing, just started studying arppegios and you do
    a lesson on them!!! great guitar by the way

  • ratonlucho 3 years ago

    man you ROCK! m/

  • OZZYRULES200 3 years ago

    @0adireita oh ok. I like watching his vids but i never practice haha.

  • lifeis2free 3 years ago

    Hi david. i have learn a lot from your videos. since i picked up my guitar. :D ty for teaching me and my fellow guitarists.

  • Homer Simpson 3 years ago

    @OZZYRULES200 talking about the way hes teaching. sorry