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  • grvonny 3 years ago

    nice playing man!

  • Tim Birkenholz 3 years ago


  • breakingskilletgrace 3 years ago

    do the monkey with me! lol

  • jonheld89 3 years ago

    Noob, your lil method is very inaccurate… They coulda got someone better
    the teach this… Like me?

  • deathblade7 3 years ago

    @markyramonefan nope the longer your hair the better you play. your hair
    holds your arsenal of destruction in-tact haha. rock-on. although, his hair
    will make you play like a god!

  • michschm2 3 years ago

    this guy has an extremely strange haircut xDDDD please rate this comment^^

  • Steven Kuijper 3 years ago

    Johnny Bravo playing the guitar!

  • rockpwnsu 3 years ago

    Surf tones usually use high reverb and tremolo right?

  • Brian McGraw 3 years ago

    “No strings attached.” Haha. Guitar pun.

  • unclet95 3 years ago

    @shaggy1039 He can now that Youtube doesn’t have a time limit

  • alan ford 3 years ago

    i met jason on musicmesse, we talked about reverb an stuff, i must say he
    is a realy nice guy. i can not imagine him with “normal” haircut. way to go
    jason. thumbs up!!!

  • MrCauTiioN 3 years ago

    oh my god your hair lmao.

  • golfdom1987 3 years ago

    Holy Reverb, Batman! Great lesson, thanks!

  • wedontknowone1 3 years ago

    @YTPkid101 ha have you heard of a band called ” static x”? the singer has
    hair like this but brown! ha it kinda reminds me of Slim Jims mascot the
    slim jim guy! look em both up nd youll see what i mean!

  • neos7832 3 years ago

    i cant get over is hair

  • bwnatural 3 years ago

    About the link for free eBook: The entry fields for name and email for
    subscription and free ebook have never worked for me (don’t know about the
    rest of you out there, but I’ve tried this several times over the last few
    weeks). When I click in the fields, the cursor starts outside of the
    fields. Then, if I’m lucky enough to get a confirmation, the activation
    email never arrives. Any suggestions for success on this?

  • SilkweeshughFilms 3 years ago

    (comment about his hair)… oh wait I dont give two shits.

  • rockongoodpeople 3 years ago

    Hi – reverb pedal – or use the amp reverb bumped up a bit for that surf
    sound. Plus some overdrive for this tone – enjoy and experiment – rock on!
    David T

  • pat oneal 3 years ago

    my Strat is the same color!

  • UltimateShinsen 3 years ago

    more about surf songs please!!!!

  • Joe Slops 3 years ago

    Marty Schwartz on acid.

  • Tyler Fogle 3 years ago

    why hair

  • Anton Dahlqvist 3 years ago

    hey everybody this is jason lee with piss color bleached hair.

  • SalsaDestroyer 3 years ago

    man, I’m so glad someone is keeping it real with surf guitar. You make me
    so proud, sir!

  • shaggy1039 3 years ago

    do a lesson on how to get your hair like that