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Kitesurfing 2014 Shark Bay Western Australia

Kitesurfing trip to Shark Bay, Western Australia Jan 2014. Enjoying flat water and empty beaches!

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  • William GODON 3 years ago

    La musique please ??

  • Adza Niemz 3 years ago

    where is this exactly in shark bay?? 

  • TheGuyFromWigan 3 years ago

    I’ve set up a “Go Fund Me” page if anyone wants to help me save up to buy
    my first kitesurfing kit:

    I know it’s a long shot asking for help off total strangers, but it’s worth
    a try!
    Thanks everyone.

  • Funkshen08 3 years ago

    Im based in gero, go to little lagoon all the time for a kite. nice
    backrolls ;)

  • Alberto Tabacchi 3 years ago

    +James Larkan fantasic video and wonderful spot! Which is the song? It’s a
    remix of Sail….and? I really love it!

  • Rakyle Mahoney 3 years ago

    looks amazing, can you provide co-ordinates so more of us can visit

  • tak jest 3 years ago

    perfect place! but anyway you’re making a BIG EDIT of doing a backroll.

  • chrisklein21 3 years ago

    nice video. I wanna go there. what’s the best location up there and is
    kiting there in winter good as well or just summer? any hotels up there?

  • Jerry Grajewski 3 years ago

    wow, i need to get out more

  • Vicente Rocco 3 years ago


  • Ana Bueno 3 years ago

    Wow the kitesurfing paradise :D One day I will go and kite over there :)

  • William GODON 3 years ago

    La musique please ??

  • Finn Lindemann 3 years ago

    nice video :)

  • Paul Mitroi 3 years ago

    very nice location ;)

  • Rhyan Acott 3 years ago

    Nice one boys niceone….

  • Rabiye Bademli 3 years ago


  • Rufus van hees 3 years ago


  • James Larkan 3 years ago