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My first day out with this camera at a California spot that has open ocean surf and a flat water pond. All the footage is shot at 960p 30fps with the camera on a headstrap and board mount. Enjoy!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • Martin Lindahl 2 years ago

    I love it. No music, just pure kitesurfing!

  • Leandro Tercette 2 years ago

    This is the best kiteboarding youtube video i ever seem. Pure sound of
    sailing. Giant skill with the kite. I hope one day do some huje jumps like
    you. Congratulation.

  • Ethan Moore 2 years ago

    I’m thinking of getting into kiteboarding. I am a sailor myself so I
    already know a lot about the wind and different sailing points etc. with
    kites can you sail upwind on a beat or can you just sail 90 degrees on a

  • lemonadeez 2 years ago

    What a great vid.

  • Ethan Moore 2 years ago

    Truly amazing

  • Matherson Leandro 2 years ago

    Where is this place in California?
    Very nice video!

  • rossellameloni 2 years ago

    looks like a great place to kiteboard. Lovely beach you have there. Lucky
    you! :-)

  • Danny Reichardt 2 years ago

    geilo :D

  • pacwel 2 years ago

    really want to try kiteboarding I expect the feeling to be close to my
    ‘flying and hovering’ dreams!

  • Greg Baleson 2 years ago
  • Hovvdy 2 years ago

    while watching this my brain sends weird signals to my legs. it feels a
    little bit like riding ;)

  • Hovvdy 2 years ago

    Kiteboarding by far the best thing to do on our planet!!! if you are
    thinking of trying it out…do it! 

  • 123robirob 2 years ago

    Go Pro is better

  • galomarinho 2 years ago

    Where in California dude ?

  • Erica Bebe 2 years ago

    love it cool video what a blast !!!!1

  • baller2895 2 years ago

    no epic music… ? D:

  • drumrnva 2 years ago

    That was amazing. I’ve never done this. Dumb question time: how do you stop?

  • Dusty Robertson 2 years ago

    just type in then add the link

  • Lhin Doh 2 years ago

    Sensational but recently there have been too many shark attacks around
    american beaches I cant believe something about glbal warming and changes
    in their food supply. I am pretty sure I wont try this unless it at a lake
    in a truely safe area.

  • Frederik Moeller-Jensen 2 years ago

    what editing software did you use? Great video!

  • Scott Metzger 2 years ago

    @littlegriffy96 I tie the zipper lead on my wetsuit to the headstrap.

  • arthur staal 2 years ago

    @boatmainiac42 yeah it would not be a great idea in 6 inches water

  • Menno l'Abee 2 years ago

    15 knots ?? woh your jumps are realy high for 15 knots

  • Robby Peterson 2 years ago

    I was wondering if u could tell me what kind of board you have, what kite
    you use and what kind of Handle… Thanks great video…. Deff the best on
    YouTube on kiteboarding

  • Federico Chierichetti 2 years ago