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If you are new to Kiteboarding, here are a few tips on how to learn to Kiteboard efficiently, and safely. This clip is from “My Session – Volume 1″ directed …
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  • oscar ley 3 years ago

    Thanks, massive help for a new rider, went down to the beech with my power
    kite a few times to see how other people were flying in different
    conditions, helped alot with getting started. 

  • Leading Edge Productions 3 years ago

    It seems many new Kiteboarder’s can ride upwind and jump, but still have no
    idea of the right of way rules, or even how to indicate they want somebody
    to land their kite? Hopefully this video helps somebody?

  • Leading Edge Productions 3 years ago

    If you are thinking about getting into Kiteboarding, or are learning
    already, these tips will help you out. If this video does help please leave
    a “comment” and click “like.” Thanks.

  • Leading Edge Productions 3 years ago

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