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Me and my friend Salim taking kiteboarding lessons at Neptune Beach. To learn without a lesson which we paid 0 each checkout http://b6e1a9rpfcooik8hnju91y…
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  • read1986 4 years ago

    Worst instructor ever! ‘Dig your heels in’ is his advice!

  • Ilahya 4 years ago

    dude, it’s storming. No-one can fly a kite in that conditions.

  • stinger128 4 years ago

    Lessons with a C Kite? wow..

  • Chris Miller 4 years ago

    And transferring the kite without landing it. Saw a bad accident in Costa
    Rica from exactly that.

  • Ocanadakiter 4 years ago

    What a sketchy az instructor

  • Dave White 4 years ago


  • ddegregorio 4 years ago

    im pretty sure the kites set up wrong…. reds supposed to be on the left
    side of the bar…

  • MudSkipper 4 years ago

    I hate the girl

  • IITHEViPeRII 4 years ago

    dong dong dong lol!<3

  • Shawn Salter 4 years ago

    You call that an accident? You fell down…big fucking deal.

  • Flightagressor97 4 years ago

    Not IKO or PASA for sure.

  • 97Arran 4 years ago

    Hahaha thumbs up to all the comments….no point me commenting now :D

  • 01Prostyle 4 years ago

    The fat twinkle toes LOL!!!! Bouncey baller dude!!! Funny shit!!

  • hetvriendelijkespook 4 years ago


  • laxguitar50 4 years ago

    can you use a seat harness for kite boarding?

  • Rodrigo DEL BON 4 years ago

    Cara, não se dá o kite na mão de aluno nessas condições de
    tempo……..você tem q estar do lado do aluno e não deixar ele com o kite
    pra lá e pra ca…isso é suicidio……….é legal né dar risada
    hahahahahaha……….q da hora ele tomar um arrasto e não conseguir
    controlar mais e bater a cabeça….ia ser da hora né….enfiar ele no avião
    de novo e dizer q a culpa foi dele. Primeiramente os ventos para
    aprendizado devem estar na faixa dos12 a 15 nós para evitar riscos…..

  • Mike Bobin 4 years ago

    This cant be a professional lesson. No Kite leash, No Helmet.

  • LjSzz 4 years ago


  • sirlobulous 4 years ago


  • souljastallion 4 years ago

    ….this was a pure waste of 2:09min of my life!!!!…..u owe me!

  • Matt Demir 4 years ago

    This guys are funny. Power kite is not a toy. Still give them points for

  • slingshotkites 4 years ago

    Old CAUTION kites, read good reviews a few years ago on the C’s

  • Winniebartlett 4 years ago

    Totally irresponsible.

  • Simon Red 4 years ago

    very funny..really!!! the second one is spectacular…also the laughter
    behind the camera.. ..most common accident for those who do not leave
    immediately the bar.

  • mookster man 4 years ago

    this is a cool sport….was just watching a bunch of senior citizens doing