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Kite Surfing Maui !! Kite Surfing Maui is a little number I wanted to put up, for all those surfers out there, who were thinking about crossing over…
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  • VideoJoeKnows 3 years ago

    That’s what I’ve heard….so what am I waiting for? Joe :0

  • Herfortz 3 years ago

    I’ve had some kite flying experience Joe but I don’t think that qualifies
    me to become a member of this elite club and the only surfing I do is
    browsing the internet. Those guys in Maui sure know how to surf without
    colliding into each other. Thanks for using my song Joe and for your help
    and friendship. You know that you’re gonna have to do a sequel to this with
    you on that surfboard just to show everyone that “VideoJoeKnows”. Kind of
    makes the toilet from hell look like a virtual paradise.

  • MikeSV1989 3 years ago

    Enjoy good times in Maui, Joe! Happy New Year!

  • VideoJoeKnows 3 years ago

    I wish! Joe :0

  • VideoJoeKnows 3 years ago

    Hey anyone out there like kite surfing? :0

  • VideoJoeKnows 3 years ago

    I see you really want me to get to 1000! You’ve been checking I see. Cool
    tractor BTW. is that your hot rod!?? I hear you have a lead foot. Not sure
    if I can get to 1000 in the next 4 days, as I have been busy with lots of
    things lately. I’ll be back to my old self “soon” & will be able to start
    posting more videos. Hope you enjoyed the kite surfing! Joe :0

  • VideoJoeKnows 3 years ago

    Thanks, I will. Wish you were here! Joe :0

  • VideoJoeKnows 3 years ago

    Maybe that toilet’s not so bad after all ! You’re the man Steve, for
    letting me use this awesome song, from your library. Can’t wait for the
    next song I can use! Joe :0

  • PGnumbaONE 3 years ago

    You Kite Surf?