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Kite surfer launched into building during tropical storm Fay

Absolutely insane. Kite surfer injured by a sudden strong gust of wind during storm. From

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  • Jeff Hicks 2 years ago

    Good idea, just go kite surfing in a tropical storm

  • Icerblitz05 2 years ago

    I dont kite beyond my wind range, its not worth it.

  • Synesthesia 2 years ago

    Autodarwination: Complete. 

  • Enrique Serrano 2 years ago

    Hahaha poin poin , danger for others and herself if you didn’t get any
    lessons before going out there with a kite , and will ruin the sport too
    sad sad 

  • Sergio.J.V. 2 years ago

    This is the so called Darwin’s Natural Selection in action.

  • Eddie b 2 years ago

    coming from a kiter….i love how people make assumptions that he can just
    let go. You would assume after the first impact, it would have actually
    made him let go so he’s obviously attached to it and cannot let go!!! ;)

  • 420 blaze it up 2 years ago

    did he died?

  • murdaman carl 2 years ago

    i know the dude, he made it. throws down now.
    kiters who say do go out in storms, aren’t true kiters.
    for the people who are trying to state the mistakes, your all wrong lol.
    but thanks for the laughs and comments.
    and +jbarrick54 , your the type of person we don’t need in any sports
    or anything.
    that type of negative, selfabsorbed attitude goes no where.
    we all love the things we do, and struggled at 1 point n time. so why make
    it a shittier time for everyone. 

  • Motleyiceman1 2 years ago

    The guy was stupid by doing everything wrong or had a dum ass instructor,
    you need to learn with people that are certified!!!!! Kite surf is not like
    the banana ride on the beach, its not like mountain hiking, bike riding,
    etc .. Its a real extreme sport!!!! You do not fool around under those

  • Ken M 2 years ago

    Nah, he survived…. not so sure he should have been allowed to though,
    bastards always polluting the gene pool.

  • Michael Raymond 2 years ago

    Saw this on “World’s Dumbest Daredevils 4″ on truTV. It could be funny or
    serious depending on how you look at it. Then again, it’s SERIOUSLY FUNNY!
    This is why I don’t kite-surf during a tropical storm or hurricane.

  • freethedj 2 years ago

    did he get to live?

  • TheDongalu 2 years ago

    man….dat was totally wild!!!!! merciless wind!!!

  • imcmosher 2 years ago

    haha. u fuckin douche bag kite surfer. sucked in i hope that bloke is dead.

  • thomasXkiteXforXlife 2 years ago

    I have heard multiple times that this happined but I never really saw it
    and fuck blerk that’s just dirty man, that guy is as dead as my

  • zeturion 2 years ago

    learn to use the QUICK RELEASE or our Sport will be banned from the beach

  • BuLLReD86 2 years ago

    a kien se le ocurre

  • Sprinkles 2 years ago

    kite surfing in a storm. WTF. Kite isn’t worth the skin he lost on the
    parking lot. Let it go

  • mavropiperi 2 years ago

    three mistakes in a row: 1. kitesurfing in a storm 2. not letting the bar
    go free 3. unable to find quick release before hell breaks

  • lenny moses 2 years ago

    @jbarrick54 shut up little boy

  • Cameron J 2 years ago

    @hayashiburger Why would you say something like that? This guy could have
    been killed during this!

  • hayashiburger 2 years ago


  • TheDongalu 2 years ago

    man.dat was totally wild!!!! merciless wind!!

  • liverpoolwtf 2 years ago

    rofl i was surfing during this storm i herd about this on the news

  • Buckcityremix 2 years ago

    i bet “Kevin” wasnt found anywhere near the beach when Irene passed, lol, i
    heard he bought a velcrow suit and stayed on the couch.