Share Button I know this isn’t a stand up paddle board but this may be an addition to your surf quiver. It’s a special surfboard built by Joe Blair for older or heavier…

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  • John Verber 2 years ago

    where can I order one of these? I was thinking of buying an 8’4 Aipa Big
    Boy Stinger but this looks more fun. Please let em know.

  • braybray4 2 years ago

    i weigh 100 lbs and i’m 5’2 i want a surfable board but i stand up paddle
    and lake ride more often…would i be able to lake paddle this 8’7???

  • blake young 2 years ago

    nice board dude

  • Nima Rejali 2 years ago

    i ride a board just like this. really good setup for a bigger guy (6foot3,
    240). keep cranking them out!

  • roguereef610 2 years ago

    Beautiful board from Joe.