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Introduction to Willis Brothers Surfing Lessons

Learn to Surf with Willis Brothers Free Online Surfing Lessons. Start from the beginning with Safety. Learn Surfing Technique and Etiquette. Aloha.

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  • forthrontheevil 3 years ago

    I hope these guys smoke weed

  • Bob Decker 3 years ago

    These are a couple of clowns their kooks!

  • Mark Durbano 3 years ago

    Michael was really cool when i met him & Robbie Page on the North Shore in
    the 90s , we had some great sessions out at Sunset and 1 amazing sesh at
    The Bay … he really made my trip amazing , maybe i should of stayed , no
    matter ……….. had stuff to do …… anyway total cool guy , if u read
    this Michael , i’ll put aload of your vids on our new web site when its up
    and running LANEEZ SURF CENTRE ….. Thanks so much ALOHA …..

  • jcrotinger1 3 years ago

    Wow, these guys are awesome. After I viewed some of their video, I knew
    these were the guys I wanted to take my lessons with. And a great choice it
    was. I learned a lot more than just popping up on my board and catching
    waves. (Which I did) Thanks for everything. – Jeremy

  • Bob Decker 3 years ago

    I thinks their used Car Salesman pretending to be surf instructors. My
    advice stay clear of these jokes.

  • olddrunk 3 years ago

    Yo Milton this is Blake B. you gave me a lesson last week. Thanks so much
    bro, probably wouldn’t have figured it out with out you. ABC Always Be Cool