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Intro to Kiteboarding - Learn to Kiteboard - Trainer Kite Instructional Video

Visit our Beginner’s Section of our website for a complete guide to getting started, finding lessons and buying gear!…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • Strong SEO 3 years ago

    So Gary and Sean will be spending more time on the beach then in 2014 hey!

    Great video and I am sure Gary is working very hard right now, haha!

  • fareez kamal 3 years ago

    may i know, where is the location of this beach? so beautiful..

  • Janik Kovac 3 years ago
  • Geogoleo 3 years ago

    Music name please ;)

  • Chris_kitesurfer 3 years ago

    Good video and filming, this looks like it was recorded with a camera GOPRO

  • EIRExPETER 3 years ago

    What size do I need to start on the water

  • JungJingymay2010 3 years ago

    Very good demonstration. Thank you.

  • mcclayn08 3 years ago

    nice feet !

  • kopuletys 3 years ago

    Very nice video. THX

  • Yanick Forest 3 years ago

    Very well made but music is not that good, now I know how to kite!!!!
    Well…I think….

  • TavernSenses 3 years ago

    After this video you can strap on a kite an get on the water. No joke, it’s
    that easy, Kid’s stuff really.

  • Pay Way 3 years ago

    Very clear and useful video. Thank you.

  • petbytes 3 years ago

    Well done step by step intro. You made things look less intimidating than I
    imagined. I’m feeling the fever now!

  • RobetPaulG 3 years ago

    That was extremely helpful. Thank you to whomever made this.

  • TeamXtremeKites UK 3 years ago

    yeah that would probably be why it has no safety a dodgey harness cos it
    was made in China i have a flexifoil sting and a Flysurfer viron both i use
    with a pro-per harness not a strap.

  • SuperMojo95 3 years ago

    it is only a 2qm kite:) thats the reason:)

  • Shon Flores 3 years ago

    A must save!!

  • Tim PSimer 3 years ago

    very well done, thanks

  • tresso 3 years ago

    She has cute feet.

  • Peter Duffy 3 years ago

    Much the best beginners video that I’ve seen on youtube. Thanks.

  • Jesika Tesar-Valois 3 years ago

    Hey great video! I want to buy a kite. I am a beginner so I guess i will
    need one of these. Yes great music!

  • RawlingsZach 3 years ago

    Do you just use like a wakeboard board or is there a special board?

  • Jeremie Tronet 3 years ago

    Part I: Dub terminator Mouse Killer Part II: Dub terminator Sub hitter

  • JungJingymay2010 3 years ago

    Good video. Wrong annoying music.

  • Jenny 3 years ago

    Beach Boys music would have been much better.