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  • Sali C 3 years ago

    great! thanks good explain!

  • cadrician 3 years ago

    Nice and simple!

  • Jon Ang 3 years ago

    hi i currently have a washburn wpj 5sb and i find it hard to hammer on. By
    that i mean the note i hammer on is not as audible as i’d like it to be. By
    the time i pull off i almost cant hear a thing. I am using the default
    strings, the daddario exp phosphor or something. Can someone recommend me
    some strings that allow for better hammer ons and pull offs? or is my
    guitar just not good?

  • theholystapler 3 years ago

    what’s up good people?

  • Ian McTavish 3 years ago

    Hey, thank you for putting up this video, finally i starting to make some
    way with Hammerons and barchords at the same time !

  • Jesse Lacelle 3 years ago

    @fattywithchips video yes, audio no

  • Brikesh Kumar 3 years ago

    Thanks you’re an amazing guru..I learn a lot from your vedio, please post
    more spicey rhythm practices

  • Screamless 3 years ago

    Is this guitar good for beginners [BEHRINGER GPKAGS722BK]

  • diego serra 3 years ago

    sounds like under the bridge

  • zyra lazaro 3 years ago

    It’s not working -_______- uggh

  • ncaadan 3 years ago

    Great lesson, David! Thanks for being the sherpa on my musical journey.

  • Mayra Caballero 3 years ago

    Fantastic lesson absolutlely good explain. more of this pleeeeasse !!!!

  • Ricky McRicklesticks 3 years ago

    I wish my acoustics’ action wasn’t so high ;_;

  • Kotiga 3 years ago

    sounds kind of like Weezer – Say it Aint so

  • fjrsm 3 years ago

    Nice Taylor =)

  • Alex Tudorica 3 years ago

    Thanks, you are really helpful :) All the best!

  • MellowAlin 3 years ago

    Great lesson! Really inspiring! =) Thank you!

  • RatifyMyThoughts 3 years ago

    Whenever I try hammering on on my acoustic the sound doesn’t seem as loud
    as it could be, am i doing something wrong? I am pressing the hammer on
    pretty hard.

  • EpiCasino198 3 years ago

    His face makes me mad for some reason.

  • fcoll9123 3 years ago

    Is the high e supposed to be ringing out on the e11,e major and the e sus
    4? I dont understand how that is supposed to happen.

  • kickedback67 3 years ago

    Hey Dave, since this is about sharing I thought I’d share something that
    helped me. I normally play the A chord with one finger barred, I’ve seen
    lots of other people do the same. That being said, it won’t work with your
    progression, so…. because of large fingers the index, middle, ring finger
    is just complicated to play clean. But I found if I use middle, ring,
    pinky, it’s much easier, it’s a bit different than I’ve seen anyone else
    use, thought I’d share. Rock On

  • rockpwnsu 3 years ago

    very say it ain’t so by weezer

  • sjutube6 3 years ago

    Great lesson David! Gorgeous progression

  • markwthrew29 3 years ago

    Thank you.

  • pinoyhellahoy 3 years ago

    @aleyhetfield 3 sharps