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How to Wax a Surfboard Perfectly in a Few Minutes

This is how Kurt Kessler, artist and founder of waxes a fresh board so the wax lasts, and holds future layers without smearing or flaking off.

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  • The Black Knight 2 years ago

    Thank You Karate Kid

  • Chris Montgomery 2 years ago

    Hey dude I would love to know what board u are riding an if I can’t get
    one? Thanks 

  • Nathan Ramirez 2 years ago

    Do you need a basecoat of wax or is that unnecessary?

  • Ethan Priest 2 years ago

    All that wasted wax it makes me sad, not bummin’ on you method man it’s
    just my friend and I had go 5 months with one bar of wax each so we made
    our own method and watchin this just sends shivers down my back

  • HaoleBoy808 2 years ago

    cool turtle

  • Josh Urtiaga 2 years ago

    beautiful board man

  • the wetarded 2 years ago

    if im using basecoat and topcoat should i use the cross hatching with the
    basecoat then go over it with top coat

  • Stefania Squeaks 2 years ago

    Hey – is it the same method to wax a softie?

  • MrBoJangles 2 years ago

    Gonna try this formation on my Rusty La BLUE 6’4

  • mrt300995 2 years ago

    dude i love the art

  • Sean Wilson 2 years ago

    this is what i do and it really does work and looks sick

  • Alec Abassi 2 years ago

    u need base coat

  • franciscobuilt 2 years ago

    HEAD ! ?? what a question …

  • Hugo Shepherd 2 years ago

    I’m a Decorator and Artistic Co-ordinator (by trade) and your work on that
    surf-board is f*cking Great! Well Done – You’ve got a great skill in those
    hands use it elsewhere also!

  • Patrick van Boom 2 years ago

    actually that is an awesome waxed board. he must be a smart surfer and a
    skilled one. u shudnt talk cuz you were watching surfing for beginers tips :|

  • Music Paradise 2 years ago

    Where it is in Outer Banks ? I am at Buxton.

  • Gus Perry 2 years ago

    Eww NoCal… South California is where its at

  • Tyler Hohenstein 2 years ago

    it’s wax, it doesn’t dry, it’s just kinda there

  • Chris Breizh 2 years ago

    you need to learn how to spell little douche

  • One5hot45 2 years ago

    Then why are you watching a video on “How to wax a surfboard?” 12 year old

  • La Chencha 2 years ago

    bro what kind of material did you use to paint that turtle? spray cans?
    decos? sharpies ?

  • Moose Brown 2 years ago

    Did you make that surfboard?

  • creekowner 2 years ago

    its all about bubble gum wax

  • Kevin Nguyen 2 years ago

    very good looking turtle. how did you prep the board before you started

  • manchesterunitedpro 2 years ago

    hey bud then why are you watching this video…. and no one gives a shit