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Learn the first steps to standing up on a surf board in this free video. Expert: John Hickey Bio: John Hickey is a professional South Florida Surfing Instruc…
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  • huy779 3 years ago

    You shouldnt be to worried about poping up. It’s quite natural for you body.

  • blaze00001 3 years ago

    Holy Crap! 77,331 Videos?! Dang…

  • alohahoward1 3 years ago

    When Kelly catches a wave he is in prone position with his upper torso and
    head up and his hips and legs flat on the board; his arms are straight up
    perpendicular to the board similar to this video. What Kelly does
    differently is when he stands up he keeps his back leg (right leg) and foot
    toward the back of the board (does not move this leg forward as shown in
    this video). He then moves his front leg (left leg) forward: check out
    Kelly Slater Perfect 10pt ride – 2009 Hurley US Open of surf

  • Luis Bojórquez 3 years ago

    chill out… thats my opinion… and most instructors do the pop-up as a
    jump. this method and stance may help you on a big board, but may cause you
    some trouble if you upgrade or use a smaller, faster board to learn. If
    youre learning, i have one advice: PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE!!! see you in
    the water! :)

  • Xxcalicondor 3 years ago


  • Pedro Alexandre 3 years ago

    po caralho pah

  • mgoNat101 3 years ago

    I can learn more just by trying not listening.

  • nznims 3 years ago

    crikey matey….. u do what to pop up?

  • Luis Bojórquez 3 years ago

    i think the far back stance will sink your board.

  • Millzieluvspink 3 years ago

    i think i’m going to make a surfing video! I’ll let you all know about it
    when i’m done! :)

  • kayno82 3 years ago

    whatever dude :(

  • arnhe23 3 years ago

    ew this is shit

  • Деколонизатор 3 years ago

    it’s much easier to pop-up if you keep your palms not around your chest
    like he does, but lower around maybe solarplex (on the sides, that is).

  • aaurahasnoballs 3 years ago


  • invernus 3 years ago

    Why don´t u put some guide number on the video lessons for us to know the
    sequency! Very nice lessons!

  • roberto herrera 3 years ago

    do a video andd explain better then…do it

  • elpoyete 3 years ago

    what the fuck ?